With Halloween just days away, the White House took time to celebrate. Just one day after Donald Trump had a controversial meet and greet with the children of the media, First Lady Melania Trump used Twitter to send out her own greeting.

Melania on Halloween

Once it became clear that Donald Trump was going to be named the Republican nominee for president, many wondered what role his wife Melania Trump would have on the campaign. The first time for Melania to shine came at the Republican National Convention last summer where she gave a speech that was initially met with praise.

However, after it was revealed that much of the speech in question was plagiarized from one given by former First Lady Michelle Obama, Melania was mocked and trolled in the mainstream press and across social media. In the months that followed, Melania Trump stayed mostly out of the spotlight, only been seen sporadically on the campaign trail and in carefully selected interviews. Since Trump's upset win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last November, the first lady has stuck to politically safe outings, though she has receiving criticism at times, mostly over her plan to fight cyber-bullying, which critics call hypocritical due to the president's propensity to insult and lashing out at his critics on social media.

Fast forward to present day and Melania sent out a Halloween greeting during an October 28 tweet.

Taking to her Twitter account on October 28, Melania Trump posted an image of a window in the White House that was decorated for Halloween with cobwebs and a purple spotlight.

"The People’s House @WhiteHouse is ready to celebrate Halloween 2017," the first lady tweeted. While the tweet appeared innocent enough, it didn't stop critics of the former host of "The Apprentice" to speak out.

Twitter fires back

Not long after Melania Trump posted her Halloween message on Twitter, those who oppose Donald Trump wasted no time sending out their thoughts.

"He's coming for you. He's coming for you. Robert Muller is coming for you," one tweet read in regards to the first charges being filed in the Russian investigation earlier this week.

"It’s been creepy since January," another Twitter user wrote. "I have a better idea," an additional tweet added, which photoshopped Melania Trump's tweet by putting jail bars on the window.

"Come on ladies I know there’s more of you out there that our president of United States pulled a Harvey Weinstein on please come forward...." yet another social media user noted. "It’s a very scary place indeed," a follow-up tweet stated. As the backlash continued to Melania Trump's post, it was made clear that millions of Americans think the current president is even scarier than Halloween.