On Friday night, Donald Trump lashed out on Twitter claiming that he was in consideration to be TIME Magazine's "Person of the Year." After the publication fact-checked the president, some top names in Hollywood and in the world of sports decided to hit back.

Trump's TIME blunder

The 2016 presidential election has gone down as one of the most shocking and controversial in recent history. With the rise of Donald Trump and his campaign, the preconceived notion of what politics is was thrown out the window. Until the last moment, Hillary Clinton was predicted to become the nation's first female commander in chief, but it was not to be as the former host of "The Apprentice" picked up key victories in important swing states and came out the winner.

To end the year, TIME Magazine named Trump the 2016 "Person of the Year," which the billionaire real estate mogul was quick to point out at the time. Fast forward to present day and Trump's standing with the American people has dropped, as he sits on an approval rating that is hovering around just 35 percent due to his lack of progress when it comes to legislation, his reckless rhetoric, and his controversial policy proposals. After tweeting out on Friday night that he was going to decline TIME's potential offer to be the new "Person of the Year" because he was not guaranteed the spot, the magazine was forced to correct the correct and debunk the president's claims. As seen across Twitter on November 25, some of Trump's harshest critics took time to poke fun at him.

Donald Trump took to Twitter on Friday night to bash TIME Magazine for not guaranteeing him the honor of being the 2017 "Person of the Year." "Time Magazine called to say that I was PROBABLY going to be named 'Man (Person) of the Year,'" Trump tweeted.

After complaining that he would have to agree to an interview and a photo-shoot, the president concluded, "I said probably is no good and took a pass. Thanks anyway!" Within the next hour, TIME Magazine tweeted back a response, disputing Trump's claim in the process.

Celebrity reaction

In the 24 hours since Donald Trump's original tweet about TIME, some of the president's biggest critics n Hollywood and around the sports world decided to sound off.

"You can always print yourself another fake cover," actress Patricia Arquette wrote.

Others took a more humorous approach, tweeting mock versions of Donald Trump's tweet. Tennis star Andy Murray substituted "TIME" for the "BBC" and "Person of the Year" with "Sports Personality of the Year," which has since resulted in over 255,000 "likes" and nearly 60,000 re-tweets.

In addition to Andy Murray, Julia Louis-Dreyfus sent a mock tweet about being "Comedian of the Year," which fellow actress Christina Applegate replied back about being the "grossest mom of the year." "Star Wars" star Mark Hamill also chimed in, tweeting about being the TIME "Person of the Year," which he jokingly refused to accept due to the demand of wanting movie spoilers.

Director Jordan Peele followed up with a similar remarks, as did New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergarrd. The trolling continued as Donald Trump continues to be punchline for many of his critics in Hollywood, in the sports world, and on social media.