Over the last month, the biggest story to dominate the political headlines has been the sexual assault and harassment scandal surrounding Roy Moore. While Donald Trump has come out in defense of Moore, the president is not pleased that his daughter voiced her displeasure.

Donald on Ivanka

It was at the start of November when the Washington Post broke their bombshell report accusing Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of attempting to engage in sexual activity with underage women, with the oldest allegation dating back to 1979. The paper cited 30 sources, including four women who all had similar stories.

As expected, Moore denied the claims, and instead deflected the blame onto the "liberal media." Moore was expected to defeat his Democratic opponent Doug Jones in a fairly routine election in the red state of Alabama, but recent poll numbers show it's likely to be a toss up. The reaction from the Republican Party and the conservative media has been split, with some calling on Moore to drop out of the race due to fear of tarnishing the brand of the GOP. Others have been quick to support him, which included Donald Trump who spoke out earlier this week at the White House when he insisted that his administration doesn't need another "liberal" in the Senate. While the president stood by Moore's side, First Daughter Ivanka Trump wasn't in agreement, much to the chagrin of her father, as reported by the New York Times on November 25.

Originally reported by the New York Times, and later highlighted by The Hill, Donald Trump is not happy that his daughter Ivanka Trump went behind his back to bash Roy Moore.

After the initial story broke, Ivanka said that there is "a special place in hell for people who prey on children." Ivanka's remarks are in stark contrast with her father, who addressed the issue with several members of his administration.

"Do you believe this?!?" Donald Trump reportedly asked his aides at the White House, in reference to his outrage of Ivanka Trump's comments.

According to the New York Times report, Trump has been hesitant to criticize Moore as he compares the current scandal to his own history with sexual assault and harassment allegations, including the now infamous "Access Hollywood" tape that was leaked a month before the election and exposed the president's private thoughts about a married woman, while bragging about using his fame to touch women.

Next up

While the First Family is split in how to handle the scandal around Roy Moore, the special election is just weeks away and both candidates are running neck and neck. It's unknown whether or not Trump will take a trip down to Alabama to campaign for Moore, but did leave the door open when speaking to reporters earlier this week.