Viewers have begun to think the reality show "Married at First Sight" is adding to the Divorce rate. They have good reasons to think so. In five seasons, 15 couples have gotten married when they first met at the altar, and only three couples are still married. Two couples from Season 1 and one couple from Season 5 are still married.

13 couples have made the divorce total go up by 26 people. Three out of 15 couples staying married is not a very good ratio. Why does the show continue to air when more couples are getting divorced than are staying married?

A report by the Chicago Tribune provides a lot of the information relayed below.

Recent divorces

Cody Knapek's divorce from Danielle DeGroot was finalized in Cook County court on Wednesday, November 22. DeGroot did not appear with Knapek in court. Knapek said he learned a lot by marrying a stranger. He believes it will make him a better husband the second time around. The 27-year-old gym owner filed for a divorce from his 31-year-old dietitian wife on September 26 after announcing their split in August. Viewers were not at all surprised because they did not appear to be a good match.

Cody and Danielle are not the only ones divorcing from Season 5. Nate Duhon and Sheila Downs had a lot of ups and downs on the reality show.

They often had arguments, but both of them said they would work hard to stay married. However, that was not the case, because 27-year-old Duhon filed for divorce from his 31-year-old wife last week.

Fans were rooting for Nate and Sheila while the show was airing. Sheila was the only bride who changed her last name, but now she has changed it back to her maiden name.

They both have strong religious beliefs and said they were going to fight to save their marriage. Now they are in a bitter divorce and airing their dirty laundry on social media as if they want viewers to take sides. Sheila called out Nate on Twitter for cheating.

Upcoming special

The Chicago couples who married and promised they would stay together filmed a holiday special before they announced their divorce.

The Lifetime special is airing at 8 PM on December 26. Since only one of the couples remains married, the special will not depict the truth about the other two couples.

Some fans of the show have indicated they are reluctant to watch the special because of the two recent divorces. Perhaps the network will cancel the special since it will not be a true representation of what is really happening in the lives of the three couples. Downs and Duhon are two people who will probably not watch since they are very angry with each other.