Malia Obama continues to make headlines even though her father is no longer president of the United States. Recently, both Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump took on the press saying they should leave Barack Obama's daughter alone to live her private life. Even so, details have emerged indicating that she is dating a man who has ties to the queen of England. Rory Farquharson's cousin Andrew was named Assistant Master of the Buckingham Palace Household. He was responsible for the food budget for numerous events that took place at Balmoral, the Scottish holiday home for the Windsor family.

Yahoo! News presented this information and most of the facts revealed below.

Malia Obama draws the attention of the paparazzi

Photo's surfaced showing the former first daughter kissing Farquharson, which drew the comments from Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton. They like many other Americans believe that 19-year-old Malia Obama should be left alone to live her life as she chooses. The Bush twins exited the White House and the press did not hound them, but those were the days before Social Media.

The press has been following number 44' s daughter in a way that is reminiscent of Princess Diana.

Now that it is known that Farquharson's cousin Andrew has connections to Buckingham Palace, this may cause more interest in the Harvard students at a time when their privacy should be respected. Obama has been out of the Oval Office for close to a year, yet the paparazzi seem to have a fascination with his oldest daughter that probably will not end anytime soon.

Andrew Farquharson's service should have no bearing

Queen Elizabeth was so impressed with his performance that she promoted Andrew Farquharson to the Royal Victorian Order.

In 2006, however, Prince Charles hired Farquharson as his Deputy Master of the Household at Clarence House. In 2009 Rory's cousin was placed at Alnwick castle, which was used as a location for some of the "Harry Potter" movies. None of this, however, should have any bearing on the fact that Malia Obama is dating Rory.

The press should back off and allow the former first daughter to enjoy her college years as well as her romance with Rory Farquharson. More than likely, however, they will not because this is how they make their living. Perhaps Malia will be the bigger person and ignore the flash of camera's in her face and eventually they will find a new target and go away. For now, however, she is a hot topic because she has a boyfriend who has ties to the royal family.