"Teen Mom 2" stars Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have had a rocky road when it comes to their relationship. The pair, who divorced earlier this year, has been up and down when it comes to controlling their emotions with one another and co-parenting their son, Lincoln. Recently, it looked like the couple was on good terms, but things have seemingly gone downhill again.

Marroquin and DeJesus flaunt their romance on social media

According to the latest "Teen Mom 2" news, Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin may have reignited their feud, and Briana DeJesus could be the reason why.

As many fans already know, Javi is now dating Kailyn's MTV co-star, Briana. The pair has been friends for years, but recently decided to give romance a go, and are seemingly doing well. Javi and Briana spent a romantic weekend together in her home state of Florida earlier this month. During the trip, both Marroquin and DeJesus posted photos of themselves having a great time together and even shared a video of them doing a sexy, PDA-filled Salsa dance together in the club.

'TM2' cast choosing sides in the feud

During the recent "Teen Mom 2" reunion filming, reports began to circulate that Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus got into a backstage scuffle with one another. The two seemingly do not like one another, and DeJesus called the atmosphere "high school" like with Leah Messer and Chelsea DeBoer choosing Lowry's side, while Jenelle Evans leaned towards Briana.

Now the feud is continuing and Kailyn and Javi are reportedly having separate birthday parties for their son Lincoln. Could it be that Kail didn't want to have to invite Briana to the party?

Javi and Briana taking the kids to an NBA game this weekend

Javi Marroquin recently took to Twitter to reveal that he had a fantastic weekend with Briana DeJesus in Florida and revealed that he believed the upcoming weekend would be just as good.

The "Teen Mom 2" dad said that he would be spending the weekend celebrating Lincoln's birthday with "his girl," and he's been revealing on social media that he and Briana are taking their kids to the Golden State Warriors game to have some fun. Javi even ordered the crew matching Warriors gear to wear to the game together.

Kail finally accepting the relationship?

The group will likely roll into the game looking like one big happy family in their matching shirts. Although Kailyn Lowry is seemingly not happy about her ex-husband dating her co-star, she may finally be coming around to the idea. Over the weekend after Javi posted photos and videos of his trip to see Briana, Lowry tweeted a cryptic message reading, "Happy looks good on yaaa," and some fans think the "Teen Mom 2" mom may have been referencing Javi.