Family drama TV series, This Is Us,” has managed to gain a lot of positive reviews in a short span of time. Entertainment network NBC is delighted over this. The show’s second season premiered earlier this month. According to Radar! Online, the pilot episode managed to attract 12 million viewers. Given the show’s immense popularity, the stars feel that they must be paid for “per episode.” The Radar! Online report states that the Main Cast of “This Is Us,” have started demanding a rise in their salaries.

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The team members got together after the successful premiere of season two’s first episode.

According to a report by TMZ, actors Many Moore and Milo Ventimiglia make roughly $80,000 per episode at the moment. Meanwhile, Sterling K. Brown make $75,000. Other actors who occupy considerably less screen time, make around $40,000. This includes Justin Hartley and Chrissy Metz.

This may appear like a big amount but is nothing in comparison to what the stars of hit TV shows like, “Friends,” and “Modern Family,” make. According to Variety, each cast member of shows like these continue to make $1 million per episode. The latest episode of “This Is Us” achieved an average of 2.9 rating in coveted adult 18-49 demo. The segment garnered approximately 10.5 million viewers. This brought “This Is Us” to number one ranking on the night in the coveted adult 18-49 demo category.

The show was followed up by reality series, “The Voice” with a rating of 2.1. The highest rated show of all time for CBS has been “NCIS.” It has garnered a viewership of 12.4 million.

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As noted by Celebrity Insider, the struggle between CBS and NBC continues to take place as both entertainment networks air same TV shows at times.

But CBS always manages to attract viewers in comparison to NBC. This is followed up by ABC – who manage to beat both FOX and CW in the advertising demographic.

Coming back to “This Is Us,” the show has been surprising its fans with new twists and turns each week. According to The Wrap, fans have begun taking to social media networks to express their feelings about each of the episodes.

In the latest episode, it was revealed that Kate Pearson is six weeks pregnant. The majority of the viewers have said that the pregnancy announcement was a huge shock for them to absorb, reported Entertainment Weekly. As “This is Us” continues to gain more fame, the possibility of a third season seems almost certain.