Lee Min Ho recently made the headlines for confirming that he is about to resume his military service. He is apparently going to go for two years, and this comes across as a bad news for both, the fans and his girlfriend Suzy Bae.

Everything you need to know

According to a report published by Kpopstarz, Ho has already enrolled for his service as a public Social Work as a part of his civic duty towards the South-Korean military army. Following this, questions regarding his relationship with Suzy Bae have been under fire. There are several reports that suggest that Ho and Bae, after the announcement of the former’s military service, started experiencing separation anxiety.

However, there are many other reports that indicate that the "Legend of the Blue" star and Suzy Bae might get married after the completion of his military service.

According to another report published by Kpop Herald, Lee attended an interview before resuming his military service. At the interview, Lee revealed many personal details about his life. He even described his ideal love as someone that instills positive energy in every part of his life. He spoke about his life as an actor and the fact that he really misses just strolling through the streets without being mobbed by fans.

A report, published by IBT, went on to suggest that Ho emphasized on how true love is accepting by nature and doesn’t force the partner to change him or herself.

He said that it’s important to keep oneself as they are.

Confusingly-enough, MYM Entertainment, Lee Min Ho’s agency has stated that the relationship rumors regarding the actor and Suzy Bae are baseless in nature. The agency didn’t comment on the wedding matter but have indicated that the actor will surely be completing his Military Service before anything else unfolds.

More regarding Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae

It's known that he signed for military service back on May 12. It has been months since fans witnessed Lee in true form. However, pictures of him in his military uniform have now emerged online. Having experienced injuries during a car accident that took place back in 2006, Lee Min Ho was only given administrative work for his military enlistment service.

The celebrity actor is currently fulfilling his administrative duties at the Gangnam District office located in Seoul. In the leaked images, he is seen wearing a mask. It is assumed by fans that it was probably because he didn’t want to be recognized.