The world of television just keeps bringing us great shows! If you are a fan of ‘Stranger Things,’ you have probably finished it by now and are in need of a new show to watch. Never fear! There are many shows that you can choose from that will keep you tied over until the next season.

Twin Peaks'

‘Twin Peaks’ originally aired on ABC and was a sleeper hit. The show had quite a following and now has started once again to air on Showtime and on Hulu. The show follows a detective who goes to a town that is like no other. The characters on this show are incredibly bizarre and the visuals that the Detective Cooper sees are mind-blowing.

'Wayward Pines'

The cast alone makes this show work watching. Matt Dillon stars as a secret service agent who is looking for the mystery behind other agents disappearing in a car crash. He was in the car crash with them and when he wakes up, he discovers that he is in Wayward Pines. He also discovers that no one who lives here can ever leave. If some of these episodes have a familiar tone, the Duffer Brothers, who also created ‘Stranger Things,’ helped write a lot of the episodes.

'Channel Zero'

Channel Zero’ originally aired on SyFy and is now on Amazon. This is an anthology series that has a specific focus each season. Season two may be the greatest because it focuses on a group of friends who visit a haunted house.

They do not think too much of it at first, but when they leave the house, they begin to notice that their lives will never be the same again.

'The OA'

Netflix has gotten quite a bit of critical acclaim for making this series. The story focuses on a young woman who disappeared when she was blind and is suddenly back, but with no recollection of what has happened to her.

Her memories come back to her slowly, but in flashes. Her life seems to be a mystery and all she wants is to find out the truth.

'Black Mirror'

Black Mirror’ is another show that has taken the world by storm. Imagine a ‘Twilight Zone’ for the new generations. That is what ‘Black Mirror’ is. This is another anthology series that has a different focus each episode.

In its second season, ‘Black Mirror’ tackles issues such as social media bullying and a world where all we do is rate people on our phones based on one interaction with them. This rating helps to get apartments and works much like a credit report in the technology world.

All of these shows can be found online and they will offer you some great science fiction while you are waiting patiently for the new season of 'Stranger Things'. Who knows, you may find even more shows you like once you begin your search.