Spoiler alerts from Celeb Dirty Laundry tease that love and romance may be in the air for two Genoa City couples. If Mal Young, the new head writer for "The Young and the Restless," does not flip the script viewers may finally see Scott and Abby admit they love each other and also watch a reunion between Nick And Sharon. Victor's youngest daughter and Laureen's son have been like fire and ice since the day they met, but now tragedy may cause them to come clean about how they really feel toward one another. If this happens, it's possible that Noah and Faith's father will be there to console their mother, and old feelings may resurface.

Mal Young is changing may storylines on "The Young and the Restless"

Mal Young's work on "Y&R" first appeared on October 25, and he has been surprising fans and proving spoiler alerts unreliable by changing storylines ever since. It was believed that Victoria had a brain tumor and that someone sabotaged her company. Fans also thought the storyline was going to yield a "Villy" reunion. Instead, Vicky was poisoned by chemicals in her face masks because Billy cut corners with the finances, and now she has fired him and is back working with her father. This is but one instance where the new head writer changed directions leaving viewers in awe.

Spoilers believe that Scott and Abby being trapped in the storage unit by Zack may finally open their eyes to how they really feel about each other.

Ms. Newman's beau stated several times that he believes Mr. Granger has a thing for the woman he loves, and now he has run off and left them together. Even so, fans of "The Young and the Restless" must take every scene with a grain of salt as no one really knows where things are headed.

Nick may help mend Sharon's broken heart

Nick Newman is always at odds with his father, and he believes Victor would prefer Scott as a son. He has warned his ex-wife that Granger will hurt her. Sharon has also been wary of the way her lover runs to Abby's defense as if she were a damsel in distress. If spoilers are correct about Scott and Abby, then Sharon's heart will be broken.

She and her former spouse have been getting along great lately, so it's only natural she would turn to him if she is abandoned for Nick's niece.

Many fans would love to see Scott and Abby get together, but Nick and Sharon have been down this road before. Truthfully, all viewers can do is stay tuned and watch as all of this drama plays out in Genoa City, as nothing lately on "The Young and the Restless" has turned out as expected. Be sure not to miss any episodes by tuning in each weekday.