On Wednesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Juliet put her life and the life of her unborn child at risk in order to help her baby daddy. First, she bailed Cane out of jail where he had spent the night for being drunk in public. Next, she showed up unannounced at the divorce hearing and begged Lily to take her husband back. Now, Ms. Helton and her son are both in the hospital fighting for their lives. Spoiler alerts have suggested that someone will die by the end of this week in Genoa City, and both Juliet and her unborn child are at the top of the list.

Juliet is not the smartest person in Genoa City

Juliet has a high-risk pregnancy and is supposed to be taking it easy. On Tuesday she even told Cane and Billy that she would leave the Chancellor Mansion to get away from their bickering for the sake of her baby. On Wednesday, however, she threw caution to the wind and was running all over Genoa City trying to lend support to her baby daddy. She showed up at the jail where Cane had spent the night and bailed him out. She later appeared at the courthouse and interrupted the divorce proceedings by begging Lily not to end her marriage.

Lily did not listen and Juliet had to sit outside the courtroom with Charlie, who made amends with her. While they were talking Juliet began having cramps and bleeding.

Cane and Lily's son ran inside asking for help, and Thursday's preview indicates that both Ms. Helton and her unborn child are at risk of losing their lives. It was not a smart move for a woman with a high-risk pregnancy to push herself this way, but Juliet has not shown herself to make wise decisions since she has been living in Genoa City.

Juliet and her baby hang in the balance

During the divorce proceedings, Cane pleaded his case and Charlie begged his mother to reconsider. Lily seemed as if she were about to change her mind when Juliet came barging in. Rather than soften her heart toward her spouse, Lily became outraged that Ms. Helton dared interject herself into the situation.

After apologizing for causing problems, Juliet goes into the hall and Charlie is sitting beside her. As they are talking she begins having cramps, and when she stands up there is blood.

The lives of Juliet and her baby now hang in the balance and it could be one or both of them who will die this week in Genoa City. Whatever their fate, it will impact the outcome of the Ashby marriage, so stay tuned. Make sure to watch each weekday afternoon at 12:30 PM on CBS for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless."