On Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" three Genoa City residents dealt with cohabitating under the same roof. Billy Abbott has now moved into the Chancellor mansion where Cane and his baby mama currently reside. Juliet said she wanted to move out because the tension between the stepbrothers was not good for her unborn child. Both Cane and Billy promised to play nice and make the house a home for all concerned. When Ms. Helton left the room, Cane told his step-sibling that he appreciated his saving his twins from the fire. He promised Billy that this was a debt he could never repay.

Now the frenemies are trying to get along.

Billy and Cane come together because of the baby

Juliet was surprised to see Billy on crutches standing inside of the Chancellor mansion and was shocked when she heard that he was moving in. When she observed Cane and his stepbrother sparing with each other Ms. Helton said her baby did not need the drama. She said she was going to move out for the sake of her unborn child when both men promised to play nice, and that the welfare of the baby would come first.

When Ms. Helton excused herself the stepbrothers had a heart to heart talk about their current situations. Cane pointed out that he and Billy now had some things in common as both had lost the women they love.

He then promised that he would always be indebted to Billy because he got his children safely away from The Underground before it burned down.It looks like at least for now, these former enemies are going to attempt to get along.

Cane and Billy spend the night in jail

Cane and Billy begin drinking as they lament the end of their romantic relationships.

They become intoxicated and each ends up at the home of the woman he loves. A drunken Billy is on crutches trying to fight a very fit Jordan whom Phyllis invited over to her place when security escort him out of the building. Cane is whining like a baby outside of the home he shared with Lily when the authorities show up and take him away.

Both stepbrothers are going to Spend The Night in jail.

Juliet may not have to deal with these childish men for long because spoiler alerts from Soaps She Knows indicate that someone is going to die in Genoa City this week and Ms. Helton and her baby are on the list of 4 possible victims. Spoilers say Charlie will find blood where his daddy's baby mam had been sitting on the steps, which indicates there may be problems with the baby. For now, however, she is realizing that the tree of them in the same household is most definitely a crowd. Keep up with "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 2:00 PM.