If you have been following the Duggar family for a while, then you will know that Jana Duggar is somewhat of the black sheep of the family. Many people believe that Jana is indeed the odd one out as she is one of the only non-married members of the Duggar family.

Some would even think that Jinger is actually the black sheep of the family because she is far more open-minded than the other family members as she even wears pants. However, Jinger is married like the majority of her brothers and sisters, and Jana is just the odd one out since she has had no lover.

Well, times may be changing, as it has been speculated by a few fans online that Jana may now have a boyfriend.

Why do people think she has a boyfriend?

Well, this boyfriend would be called Caleb Williams, and there are a number of reasons to why fans think that he is Jana Duggar’s boyfriend. You see, Williams first appeared in a photo on the Duggar family’s official Facebook page. This picture was of some of the family having lunch, and here is the post below to show you what this young man looks like.

The other reason why people think that the two are dating is that none of them have denied it yet. In the past when Jana Duggar was rumored to be in a relationship with someone she or the other person would usually shut that rumor down.

An example would be when a rumored boyfriend of her past, Jonathon Hartono, denied the rumors on an Instagram post which you can see below. Also, by neither Duggar or Williams denying the relationship at all, it just fuels the fire that the two are dating.

What do the Duggar fans think of the alleged boyfriend Caleb Williams?

It is worth mentioning that some of the Duggar family fans did not like Williams when they first saw him. The reasons these fans didn’t like Williams was because of how he looked in the picture. For example, as you can see in the Facebook photo parts of his underwear are showing, and his shirt is also not properly tucked into his pants.

Well, if you ask me those are some petty reasons for Jana Duggar not to like someone but that didn’t stop some commenters from voicing their opinion on the photo.

One commenter said, “Good grief, poor guy probably doesn’t even realize his shirt is untucked.” While another commenter wrote, “I don’t think he’d date Jana or rather she wouldn’t date him.” Overall, this relationship is all alleged and, if the two are dating, good for them, and if they aren’t, I wish them both well in their lives.