There are two women who are currently on "The Young and the Restless" whose presence really adds to the atmosphere in genoa city. When they are on screen, you can expect anything to happen, and it usually does. Each of them has a tenacity that seems to overcompensate for their inner struggles. Marla Adams, who portrays Dina Mergeron, and Hilary Curtis/Hamilton, who is played by Mishael Morgan, bring excitement and the unexpected whenever they are on screen. Both are involved in front burner storylines where they are causing havoc and viewers are kept on the edge of their seats.

Unfortunately, their paths have not yet crossed and if they ever did there would be fireworks.

Dina Mergeron is a spitfire and a grande dame

Dina returned to Genoa City as a grande dame who is sharp-tongued and witty. She speaks her mind and can be brutal if she is challenged. She has freely crossed lines with Jack, Abby, and Ashley as far as their romantic lives are concerned, leaving her son flabbergasted, her daughter shocked, and her granddaughter embarrassed. Marla Adams portrays her character realistically as one moment she is having trouble with clarity and seems frightened, and the next she is self-assured and in control.

Ms. Mergeron is a breath of fresh air and her struggle with dementia brings a contrast to Victor Newman, who seemingly ages without an issue because both scenarios are a reality in life and should be depicted on screen.

One moment Dina is feisty and giving someone a piece of her mind, and the next she may be frightened and unaware of her surroundings, or she is displaying an almost childlike attitude. Kudos to Marla Adams for giving her character such a realistic range of emotions.

Hilary Curtis/Hamilton runs amuck in Genoa City

Mishael Morgan has most definitely made the character of Hilary Curtis/Hamilton a force to be reckoned with.

She has schemed and scammed her way through Genoa City with a recklessness that has not been seen since the early days of Y&R when Jill and Catherine Chancellor were battling each other. Hilary runs amuck doing whatever she believes will benefit her personally. She has even taken on the Newman family, including Victor himself, and she is still standing.

Ms. Curtis/Hamilton hides in corners, and tapse people when they are not aware of it, just to ensure ratings for her talkshow. Most recently, she exposed her former lover, Jordan Wilde, who has two aliases, and invited viewers who knew him by any of the 3 names to go to her website and expose him. New head writer Mal Young should give loyal viewers of "The Young and the Restless" a treat, and allow Dina and Hilary to cross paths. Their encounter would no doubt lead to the catfight of the decade.