The new episode of Fox’s new Marvel series will be revealing some mutants honing their powers. The new trailers released by Fox showed Polaris spearheading the training, while a new mutant is starting to win over Lauren’s heart.

Ever since Polaris and Reed Strucker were rescued by the mutants, things have gotten a bit rowdy. Agent Jace Turner has declared war against the mutants, and he’s leading the Sentinel Services into a more brutal approach after what Dreamer did to him and his memories.

Polaris leads mutants’ boot camp

Now that Agent Jace and the Sentinel Services have declared all-out war, the underground community of mutants is preparing by honing their skills.

A lot of the mutants introduced in the series still haven’t tapped into the full potential of their abilities, so Polaris is going to lead the boot camp, and train them into becoming soldiers.

With war threatening the mutants and their loved ones, they have no choice but to take the fight to the enemy. The Strucker siblings, Andy and Lauren, are all geared up to learn more about what they can do, but their mother, Caitlin, isn’t that happy about her children going to war. Polaris tries to assure her that they won't be fighting forever.

Blink confronts Thunderbird

The previous episode of The Gifted finally showed the confrontation between Blink and Dreamer. As expected, Blink was furious that someone fabricated memories into her head.

She’s mad at Dreamer, but what Dreamer did might have had a more negative impact on Blink than they expected.

In “The Gifted” Episode 6, Blink will be confronting Thunderbird, as well. However, things get more heated when Thunderbird acts like he doesn’t know what Blink is talking about. Thunderbird apologizes and admits he let it slide because it was an emergency, which infuriates Blink even more.

Blink feels betrayed, and Dreamer and Thunderbird’s actions might just encourage her to leave instead to deal with her own issues.

New mutant Wes introduced

“The Gifted” Episode 6 is set to introduce a new mutant named Wes. The new guy looks like another original character of the show, just like Eclipse. Wes has the ability to create illusions, and he’ll be showing off his skills to Lauren as revealed in the latest preview.

However, it seems like Lauren won't be interested, probably because she’s too preoccupied with helping her family and the mutants in their impending fight against the Sentinel Services. The revelation of a possible love interest for Lauren has drawn criticisms from most fans, and they’re hoping that the show will let her character grow by herself, without being defined by a love interest.