The new episode of The Gifted just aired and it once again tackled the mysterious and intriguing issue about the Strucker siblings. This was brought up suddenly in last week’s episode, which drew more attention to the Struckers and led fans to speculate that there might just be more to them than what meets the eye.

“The Gifted” premiered on October 2 and it is set in an alternate timeline where the X-Men have gone missing. The new Marvel television series made a strong debut with its great portrayal of a dark age for the mutants.

The story is connected to the “X-Men” film series so even though the major mutant characters that fans have grown fond of might not appear in the series, the consequences of their actions are always mentioned.

The series introduced new major characters, but the biggest stars are the young Strucker siblings, Lauren and Andy, who are portrayed by actors Natalie Alyn Lind and Percy Hynes White, respectively.

Who are the Strucker siblings?

The story introduced two different families and got these elements to cross paths. The Struckers, who initially led a life believing that mutants were protected by laws, got themselves entangled with the underground mutants in an attempt to escape the law.

Any avid fan of the “X-Men” series would be familiar of the Strucker surname and the series has already established that the Strucker mutant siblings will be playing pivotal roles in the development of the story. In the previous episode of “The Gifted,” a certain dubious character was introduced.

This character's a mutant researcher named Roderick Campbell, who has taken a huge interest on the Strucker siblings ever since the gym incident. However, it should be pointed out further that he has linked the emergence of Lauren and Andy to a set of twins, referred to as Strucker twins, that went missing after a huge incident in the past.

Though the link between the two sets of siblings has yet to be established, Dr. Campbell is surely getting at something here. In the “X-Men” lore, Dr. Campbell is a mutant hunter from the future. Although that might not be the case in “The Gifted,” it’s still a fact that he’s after the Strucker siblings and even contacted the Sentinel Services in hopes of getting his hands on them.

Will Andy become a villain?

In the Fox television series, Andy possesses a powerful ability that has yet to be fully explained. The family’s recent escapade has gotten him to tap more into his powers and possibly even revealed what he truly felt about the public’s discrimination against mutants.

Andy’s name resonates with the “X-Men” character, Andreas von Strucker, who is one of the original Strucker twins from the Marvel comics. Andreas and his sister, Andrea, are the children of supervillain Baron von Strucker of HYDRA and the twins eventually became supervillains known as Fenris.

With everything that Andy and Lauren are going through right now, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Andy takes the dark path. They may not be children of a supervillain, but their current situation has opened their eyes to the truth and it's up to those people around them to help them understand.