Ingo Rademacher made his debut as Thorne Forrester on "The Bold and the Beautiful." When news broke of Rademacher joining the show, fans were surprised. The role of Thorne was previously played by Winsor Harmon, who recently was bumped to recurring status.

Viewers were split on the decision to cast Ingo as Throne. Many fans were open to the former General Hospital star joining the show, while many preferred Winsor Harmon. Stepping onto the CBS soap, Ingo had a lot of fans he had to win over. With a big name like Rademacher in a key role, there's no doubt there'll be a lot of drama in the Forrester family.

Thorne's history

"The Bold and the Beautiful" fans are familiar with the history of Thorne Forrester. As the second son of Eric and Stephanie, Thorne is considered, by many, to be the outcast of the family. One of the recurring storylines throughout the show was Throne's rivalry with his older brother Ridge. The two often butted heads when it came to running the company, and Ridge would frequently win. When they weren't battling it out in the boardroom, they were fighting over the affections of the same woman. One of the show's early storylines centered around a love triangle involving the brothers and Caroline Spencer.

But Thorne's most memorable storyline was his relationship with Macy Alexander.

Macy was the daughter of Sally Spectra, who happened to be The Forresters' fashion house rival. Thorne and Macy often found themselves in the middle of the Forrester and Spectra feud. Despite the family feud, the couple remained strong in their commitment. But their relationship ended for good when Thorne slept with Macy's friend, Darla Einstein, giving rise to a surprise pregnancy.

A few months after their divorce, Macy died, but not before making peace with Thorne and Darla. Shortly, after Macy's death, Darla gave birth to a daughter, who they named Alexandria, aka Aly, in honor of Macy. Following the birth of their child, Thorne married Darla in a lavish ceremony at the Forrester mansion.

Yet, Thorne's happiness would be short-lived.

Darla was killed in a hit and run accident by his former sister-in-law Taylor Hayes. Devastated over his wife's death, Throne moved on with life as a single parent. Yet, tragedy would strike again when his daughter Aly was killed during a roadside struggle with Steffy. After Aly's death, Thorne returned to Paris, where he's been working for the international office.

What's next for Thorne?

Thorne's return was met with excitement from both Eric and Brooke. Yet, Ridge was less than welcoming to his younger brother. From their exchange at the end of the episode, it appears that the Sibling Rivalry between the two is about to reignite. This time Brooke will be caught in the middle. Brooke is Ridge's longtime love, and at one time she was married to Thorne.

With a feud and a love triangle in the works, it seems like there's going to be plenty of drama for Thorne. Will Thorne come out on top in the siblings' battle? Will he win Brooke's heart or is there another lady waiting for him? These are just a few of the questions fans will have as they watch Thorne's return plays out.