“The Bold and the Beautiful” is one of the most awaited series this year and it has already reached its thirtieth season.

In the July 27 episode of “The Bold and The Beautiful,” there was an event that made the viewers excited for the next episode. There was an event that leads Ridge, played by Thorsten Kaye, to have chances that he can track down Eric, played by the actor John McCook. Ridge wanted to talk with Eric about asking some questions regarding the truth about his father.

Ridge reaches out to Eric in “The Bold and The Beautiful”

Ridge wanted to make sure that the conversation they will have with each other will be entirely truthful. However, there is not a single chance that Eric would reveal things that he has known to Ridge.

He even gave hints that he would take that as an opportunity to tear Ridge apart which can make “The Bold and the Beautiful” episode much exciting. He even stated that he does not want Ridge to bother him since he no longer considers him as part of his life.

He even digs further into the issue and betrayal that occurred between him and Quinn, played by Rena Sofer. But Ridge wants to prove that this accusation would not lead to other issues since he knows that they are far different especially when we talk about loyalty. Although, he admitted that they kissed but not to the extent of an affair. Eric was not happy about it because Quinn is the only one he considered his happiness.

Ridge wants to give Quinn a new chance

Ridge insisted that there is nothing wrong on giving Quinn another chance since he understands that she is someone important to his dad.

He also considers the fact that he might not be forgiven by him and he accepts it. Eric has decided to continue with the divorce process because he believes that this she has to pay the consequences of the actions they made.

On the other hand, Pierson Fode who plays the role of Thomas will try to reach out to Linsey Godfrey known as Caroline.

Thomas wants to reveal something that is unexpected about some secret that Bill, played by Don Diamont. Thomas had a hard time to accept the things that had happened but reassured Caroline that he would never leave her.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” is going to have a lot of events that could affect their lives. Do not miss an episode to know more about the exciting things to happen. Watch an all new episode of the show on the CBS network and stay updated about the news here on Blasting News.