"Teen Mom OG" fans can expect another explosive drama-filled season. Things really heat up this season on the MTV reality series exposing the truth about the cast's biggest issues. Last season, fans watched on as Maci Bookout exposed Ryan Edwards drug problem. However, this season we find out just how bad things really were.

Maci Bookout remains leery of Ryan Edwards sobriety

As if passing out while driving high wasn't bad enough, it was revealed that Ryan was forking out around $10,000 a week to support his addictions.Radar Online reports that Edwards was using three times a day, and at $10,000 a week that adds up to a ton of drugs and a whole lot of money that would have gone a long way in helping to support his son Bentley.

Ryan is reportedly clean and sober now after entering rehab last year, but, the drug drama rages on as Ryan's wife Mackenzie Standifer calls out Maci blaming her for Ryan's drug use. Standifer reveals just how tough it was visiting Ryan at rehab and finding out the truth about his addictions, she also has no problem placing the blame on Maci, instead of Ryan.

Maci blamed for Ryan's drug use

She stated that Maci's treatment of Ryan, talking down about him caused him to feel "belittled" and believes that this is why he turned to drugs. Bookout stated during Edwards' rehab stint last year that she was not in contact with Ryan and really had no idea just how long a treatment he was planning to endure.

Maci's main focus is Bentley, while she hopes Ryan gets sober and stays that way she is placing some strict rules when it comes to Ryan and Bentley. In another scene, Bookout complained that she has had no communication with Edwards since he’s been in rehab.

Maci Bookout stated on the "Teen Mom OG" Season 7 premiere that she does not believe 30-day rehab stay was going to do the trick for Edwards.

She went on to discuss that Ryan needed to continue treatment, doing whatever it takes outside of rehab to stay clean. If not, then there was going to be some major issues between them concerning Bentley.

The reality star also indicated that she was going to have trust issues with her ex for sometime, and that he had better not take her warnings lightly when it comes to their son.

"Consequences with me are actual real f**king things that actually happen when you screw up. We’re talking about my child’s life" stated Bookout.

Maci is not playing when it comes to Bentley and Ryan had better take it her seriously. It will be a long tough road for Ryan Edwards to gain Maci Bookout's trust again after last season's issues. While Ryan continues to work things through with his addiction, his new marriage and Maci you can count on tensions to continue to run high between the three.

Do you believe Ryan and Maci will work things out when it comes to parenting Bentley, or will Mackenzie Standifer's resentment towards Maci continue to make things worse? "Teen Mom OG" Season 7 airs Monday nights at 9 PM on MTV.