Thanksgiving Day in Genoa City was not what anyone expected on "The Young and the Restless." Both the Abbott and Newman families had uncomfortable situations they had to deal with. Victoria would not back down from her harsh COO stance even for the holiday and offended her younger sister. Abby exited hastily and went straight to her family home. Nikki was poised to spend the holiday with Jack, but they argued regarding her attitude toward Dina. She has no idea that Jack's attitude is because of his mother's mental decline, and was shocked when he kicked her out.

She immediately went straight to Victor's ranch and the fun began.

An Abbott kind of holiday

Abby arrived at the Abbott home to celebrate with Jack, Billy, Traci, Ashley, and Dina. While her grandmother was out of the room, Jack announced that his mother has Alzheimer's disease. Abby is distraught because she says she just found her grandmother and does not want to lose her so soon. Her uncle assures her that Ms. Mergeron will be around for a long time.

Everyone is shocked but Dina returns to the room in a joyful mood, saying she is ready to eat. Billy leaves so his stepmother can be with her biological children. Soon after, Jack says how much he loves her and that family is very important. He then announces that he is taking a leave of absence from Jabot in order to care for his mother.

The Newman gathering is awkward

When Nikki arrives at the Newman ranch she has Nick in tow which makes things pretty awkward. The family makes it through the Thanksgiving meal but it seems that no one is really enjoying the holiday except Faith. Her grandpa talks to her and they make amends with one another. Once everyone departs only Victor and his estranged wife are left and they have a heart to heart talk without arguing as they have for the past few months.

The couple discusses their family and holidays past, wondering if there will ever be joy at the ranch once more.

Victor eventually dismisses Nikki and as she goes out the door, she looks back at him. He is sitting all alone in his chair and the scene is pretty depressing. This was one of the saddest Thanksgivings the Newman family has had in a very long time and there is no sign that things will get better anytime soon.

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