Since the beginning of 2016, Spotify has established themselves as more than a music streaming service, they are also music content. From Traffic Jams, Rap Caviar, Mogul and now I’m With Banned, the leader in music streaming is leading the way into the future. I’m With Banned takes six artists from Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Yemen and Iran and pairs them with six musicians from the USA to show unity through music. These brave artist travel to Toronto where they meet their counterparts. The journey of the trip, studio sessions and more are filmed in the new documentary short.

I’m with the Banned artists

It can't be easy to leave family and friends to pursue a dream thousands of miles away but these six souls did it and created some great music. Here are the six as follows, Kasra V (DJ and record producer from Iran, who specializes in techno and deep house), Moh Flow (Singer/songwriter from Syria who has a brother AY, and together they co-produce.), Waayaha Cusub (A Somali musical group), Methal (From Yemeni is a Singer And Songwriter who plays numerous instruments), Sufyvn (An accomplised producer and beatmaker loves to blend electronic, hip-hop and traditional Sudanese music), Ahmed Fakroun (Singer and songwriter, who plays many instruments hails from Libya and is knows for pioneering modern Arabic Music).

The American artist were, Desiigner, Pusha T, X Ambassadors, K.Flay, Dr. Lonnie Smith, and BJ The Chicago Kid. Together they collaborated on six songs which are included and featured on the ‘I’m with the Banned’ playlist: Kasra V and K.Flay did "Justify You", Moh Flow and Pusha T wrote "Options", and in an unexpected collab, Waayaha Cusub did a song with Desiigner called “Durbaani Ka Ii Tuma”, Methal from Yemen worked with X Ambassadors and created “Cycles”, Sufyvn and chicago based singer BJ The Chicago Kid made “Thinking ‘Bout You (Sleepless in Cairo)” and lastly, the very talented Ahmed Fakroun from Libya co-created “Salam” with Dr.

Lonnie Smith .

The importance of the 'I’m with the Banned' playlist

We are living in a current climate full of hate, rhetoric and absolute ridiculousness. Trump has been proposing a ban on certain countries that he and his people deem dangerous. This ban hasn’t seen the light of day because those with a brain in the government understand that any ban based on religious beliefs is unlawful and will not be tolerated.

As I sat there listening to the stories of these artists and everything they had to overcome just to get to North America to sing, rap and dance, then to watch them on stage was inspiring and I recommend everyone see this documentary short.

The documentary short is available to watch now, and all songs are also available for your listening pleasure on Spotify.