When turkey time approaches, reruns of Thanksgiving-themed episodes are a fun addition to your holiday preparing, especially while cooking and cleaning. But with so many options out there, it’s easy to find yourself wondering if a compiled list of such episodes existed.

Well... look no further! Here is a list of Thanksgiving Day television episodes sure to put a smile on your face and a warm holiday spirit in the air, though it'd be best to note that these are more appropriate for adults rather than kids.

Thanksgiving Day TV episodes to revisit during your holiday

  • Friends S1 Ep9

Friends was one of those shows that decided to focus on Thanksgiving and nearly every season, they did a Thanksgiving-themed episode. Many people remember the one with Chandler in the box or the one where everyone recaps past Thanksgivings. But perhaps the one to make sure to add to your list is this episode from their first season. Sure, the cast hadn’t quite fallen into their full groove yet, but it is their innocence in dealing with a Thanksgiving without family that makes the episode stand out, not to mention the jokes are plentiful.

  • Happy Endings S3 Ep4

Though canceled too soon, this comedy found a cult following in its afterlife, and it's well deserved.

With original humor and effortless witty banter, this is one show to binge on. And their Thanksgiving episode does not disappoint as it demonstrates in a very comedic way what the Thanksgiving holiday is actually all about.

  • Roseanne S7 Ep10

The iconic show, Roseanne, pushed the envelope in many ways but perhaps most importantly by showing a real American family with struggles and not a lot of money.

This particular Thanksgiving episode will likely not make you feel all warm and gooey, but it will be realistic, and thought-provoking as Roseanne deals with the possibility of getting an abortion as her family gathers together for the holiday.

  • Everybody Loves Raymond S6 Ep9

Beginning in 1996, this sitcom family took the television world by storm.

Racking up multiple Emmys and Golden Globes, this was a television family many people invited into their homes weekly to enjoy some laughs and share in the suffering. Though the show had multiple Thanksgiving-themed episodes, this specific episode is one to add to your list as it deals with divorce during the Holidays in a comedic manner, as long as you don’t offend easily.

  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia S9 Ep10

And speaking of whether you offend easily, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of those shows that you might not want to watch if you do... but if you don’t mind a little non-PC humor on your holiday, check this episode out. The gang decides to “squash their beef" over a Thanksgiving meal.

  • Cheers S5 Ep9

A classic among classics, this is one rerun that should be on everyone’s Thanksgiving T.V. episode list. The group winds up together on the turkey holiday because no one has plans except for Diane, but when her plans go awry, and she shows up for the Thanksgiving dinner at Carla’s, the laughs are plentiful, complete with Shelly Long dressed as a pilgrim.

From our house to yours, happy holidays!