On "The Big Bang Theory" episode 6, Sheldon made an audition tape for the reboot of the Professor Proton series, but his resentment for children overcome his acting abilities. On the other side, Howard went for a vasectomy with Bernadette and Raj. Penny tried to help out Mrs and Mr Wolowitz in taking care of Hailey.

Professor Proton returns

After a long break, Arthur Jefferies made a comeback to "The Big Bang Theory" as Professor Proton. Sheldon made a videotape for the audition of the role of Professor Proton which was way above the children’s level of understanding.

Leonard and Penny tried to make him understand that he should make something more children friendly.

Sheldon went to Will Wheaton to get acting lessons for the audition tape who eventually begged the role himself being a more experienced actor. Sheldon was infuriated with Will Wheaton which triggered him to consult to Arthur in a dream. Arthur was dressed as Obi Wan Kenobi and he was not comfortable with the fact that they were sitting on a wet log. They had a heart-to-heart chitchat in a swamp that appeared to be a place in Dagobah as previously in season 9.

Sheldon tried to convince Will Wheaton because he is not qualified for the character as he is not a scientist. Will Wheaton, at his wittiest best, replied that he had never been on a starship either, but pretension is the part of the trade.

Sheldon told Arthur that Will Wheaton is now on his enemy list forever. A fed-up Arthur asked him whether someone can sign up for it or not.

Howard finally got into vasectomy with the support of Bernadette and Raj. Doctors told Bernadette to get some bed rest as well which left them no choice except to rely on Penny to babysit Hailey.

None of them was sure that Penny was mentally equipped to do that job. Few hilarious lines later, Hailey ended up calling ’Mama’ to Penny which irked Bernadette and Howard who were listening to their talk on the baby monitor .

Final verdict

It was an alright episode — it scored low on nerd scale!

Viewers are still trying to figure out a coherent and consistent story line this season for some of the main characters.

The only thing promised on the cards is Sheldon and Amy’s wedding which, most likely, would only see the light of the day in the finale. Another baby is coming to complete the household of Howard Wolowitz. However, the future is still foggy for Leonard, Penny and Raj.

"The Big Bang Theory" has become more fixated with the personal lives of the characters and the nerd side has been reduced to petty jokes.