This week’s episode is a massive step up from its previous, finally giving us some sort of push in the direction of the show. Although, the push itself is small. We finally see Sam’s origin story get a little meatier and start to form a real body of what’s to come.

The Faithful” has been one of those episodes that packed so much meaning and relation to it, making it very hard not to be fully immersed. This week we see the struggles of work and life balance when Sam loses sight of her priorities. We see moments of weakness for Maggie and Alex’s relationship when the talk of children comes into play, as well as also seeing how Kara deals with being worshiped as a modern-day god.

Needless to say, a lot happened.

The show opened up beautifully, giving us a flashback of the first time Kara acted as Supergirl. Setting a very dramatic and slightly hopeful undertone for the rest of the episode, we get to see her save in a way we haven’t before, from a passenger’s point of view, which was refreshing. I loved the way the show played this at the start in order to put some real context to what’s about to follow.

Sam's little secret

There’s no hiding the secret that Sam is not a normal character - from lifting metal structures to having hallucinations of creepy Kryptonians, to dreaming of her flight through space in a pod. She definitely isn’t a normal single mum. Instead, she is a character that just might end up being an equal match for Supergirl, as yes, a villain.

The show is doing a great job building up her character to be someone we can relate with and someone we would never imagine turning bad, but be prepared.

She’s no meta, or escapee from Fort Rozz, she’s in the face of Reign, leader of Worldkillers, making a huge difference to the dynamics of the show when she does eventually surface.

This Leaves me to question whether or not there will be other Worldkillers featured in the show, as in the comics, Reign associates herself with three other Worldkillers. Perhaps this is an idea that was hinted at during the final scenes of this episode; The secret underground room, high tech equipment, and a pod with a hand pressed against it.

All I know is we can expect some serious storyline development in the upcoming episodes.

Alex and Maggie, are they over?

There is definitely trouble in paradise upon the Alex and Maggie scene. Stepping up from last week’s dramas of returning fathers, the couple now faces a new problem - kids. As we have seen, Maggie is someone who really doesn’t want kids. All she wants is to be the ‘cool aunt’ and not have to deal with all the stress of raising kids. This is not the case for Alex. We even see her get so worked up about the situation that she storms out of Ruby’s concert and pours her heart out to Kara.

She wants kids, she wants the stress, she wants the late nights and early mornings, the family life that she and Kara had.

This scene broke my heart to watch. I was on the verge of tears as Alex broke down and admitted her now apparent problem. It’s such a shame for a relationship like theirs to crumble under these circumstances but again, I feel as though the show is trying to create more realistic issues. I get this, but I’m not overly happy with the route they are talking in order to play this break-up out. It’s far too sudden and apparent that maybe a cast member is leaving, spurring on this sudden rush.

God of Krypton; Roa? Kara?

This week’s episode again found ways to include some real-world problems.

It’s not the first time those of us watching would have ever witnessed a group blindly following a leader who has misinterpreted a set belief system. It’s in “The Faithful” that we are introduced to a cult of victims all saved by Supergirl’s hand. They worship her and praise her as a god. Believing that she will always save them is the plan of Roa. Of course, we learn that the leader has twisted and extended the true practices of Roa to what he thinks and believes them to be: Leading people into harm's way by convincing them to purposely try and endanger their own life in order to be saved by Supergirl.

It’s a very chilling concept to see this plot play out as we get to witness both sides of the argument.

One side being why Supergirl, like most, strongly disagrees with the whole idea of it. This is compared to others like Jimmy Olsen, who sympathizes with the group's cause and reason. He goes on to give an emotional and inspirational account of when he first met Clark as Superman and how, through Clark saving him, he believed in a greater power. Therefore, we understand that the leader of this group maybe confused and misdirected.

It’s very interesting to see Kara tackle this non-physical villain, as she can’t just fight her way through this problem. She has to think strategically and intelligently in order to overcome this foe. This helps us see the potential issues connected with following a faith or religion blindly.

Concluding thoughts

I am still in amazement at how in-depth and relative this episode was. It was a nice mix up from the usual villains Supergirl has to face. Hopefully, the show carries on this route and provides us with more gripping storylines.

I hope for the next upcoming episodes, both Alex and Maggie work past their differences and come back to a safe and happy place in their relationship. I also hope for more hints and direction as to where Sam’s storyline is going and her eventual shift into the notorious Reign.