Every night, during his monologues, Stephen Colbert rips into President Donald Trump and his allies. One of the usual things he jokes about is Trump's suspected collusion with Russia, which now has new information. It seems that Clinton Campaign, together with the DNC, helped pay for the Trump Russia dossier. Of course, Trump, together with Fox News, jumped on the bandwagon and attacked Hillary Clinton. However, Colbert pointed out the problem with that scandal.

Colbert starts off his monologue by saying that there is no Republican Party anymore because it now belongs to Donald Trump.

He joked that the GOP is now the "Gross Orange Pile," as a reference to Trump's apparent orange skin tone. He hits the Trump administration for getting rid of any "meaningful opposition," as the rest of the Republicans are "falling in line like frighted ducklings." He then talked about Trump telling people about the "unity" of the Republican Party, which has been ravaged by infighting. Being the Star Wars fan that he is, Colbert likened Trump to Darth Vader. The talk show host then pointed out that some of Trump's allies are also America's enemies, namely the Russians. This then leads to the big scandal brought about by the Russia dossier.

What is this dossier about?

Trump has been accused of colluding with Russia to undermine the Clinton campaign.

Former British intelligence agent named Christopher Steele gathered information from various Russian sources which alleged ties between the Russian government and the Trump campaign.

According to the new information, a yet unidentified Republican primary candidate, together with the DNC and the Clinton campaign, helped pay for this information.

The dossier contains compromising information about Trump, as well as evidence of the Trump campaign's collusion with the Russians.

Trump says he is the victim

After talking about the disunity withing the Republican party, Colbert then went into a part of his monologue called the "Russia Round-Up." He started this part off by talking about the dossier, which of course led to Colbert talking about the alleged "pee-pee tapes." The Late Show host said that they still don't have these tapes, but once he does, he promised people that they will know once he does.

But he then went into Clinton's involvement in the dossier, and pointed out that it might have been a scandal if Clinton had won as president. Problem is, she's not. "She might be unpeached," Colbert joked.

But because this might be damaging to his 2016 elections opponent, Trump made a huge deal about the new information. In a tweet, Trump called the allegations about him "fake news," and said "the victim here is the president." To which, Colbert replied that Trump is fine because the real victim is the Russian mattress from that alleged "pee-pee tape" scandal.

Trump, Russia, and WikiLeaks

Colbert then pointed out that "the real scandal" is Clinton not using that dossier to win the election. The host also talked about the unknown Republican client, and in a joke, alleged that it has been Jeb Bush all along.

Of course, Fox News also jumped on the bandwagon and attacked Clinton. A new article from their website accuses the DNC of being the ones who colluded with Russia. However, as Colbert pointed out, "if they paid to find out that Trump colluded with Russia, that's not collusion." He then added that saying something like that is like saying "Al Roker colluding with humidity."

One of the alleged ways that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia was that they wanted to use damaging emails hacked by the Russians and given to WikiLeaks. Because of this, Colbert played the notorious video of Trump asking Russia to hack Hillary Clinton's emails. He also played a montage of Trump talking about WikiLeaks, but Colbert joked that it's just "locker room talk," as a reference to his Access Hollywood bus remarks.

This then led to the host pointing out that a Trump data guru tried to team up with WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange and failed. Assange himself confirmed that the Trump campaign approached him, but he turned them down.