Kevin Spacey is in the news a lot right now over allegations of sexual abuse and harassment. This has led to him being cut from the lead role in the Ridley Scott movie “All The Money In The World,” and replaced by veteran actor Christopher Plummer, with only slightly over a month until the film’s release. Scott is now reshooting all scenes that feature Spacey with Plummer in the role

‘All The Money In The World’ sees last minute changes

Spacey was supposed to be featuring in the upcoming film about oil magnate, J. Paul Getty, but he is being “air-brushed” out, so to speak.

To be more accurate, the scenes in which Spacey appeared are now being reshot with Plummer in the role. The Guardian quotes sources close to the film production as saying Spacey’s former co-stars, Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg, will be participating in the reshoots, as Getty’s daughter and lawyer respectively.

As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, the film details the infamous kidnapping in 1973 of Getty’s grandson, John Paul Getty III, at the age of 16.

The movie was originally slated to premiere in Los Angeles on November 16 at the AFI Fest. However as soon as the Spacey scandal hit the media, it was pulled from the schedule. The world premiere is now set to happen on December 22.

Reportedly when first planning the film, Scott’s first choice for the main role of Getty was 87-year-old Plummer.

However, he was then pressured to cast a bigger name actor in the role, leading to Spacey being cast. At least Scott is now getting his wish. A production source mentioned that the plan to replace Spacey at the last moment caught Sony by surprise. However, the studio fully supports the switch in actor.

Latest abuse claim against Kevin Spacey

The announcement came shortly after Spacey was accused by Heather Unruh, a former TV news anchor, of the sexual abuse of her teenage son in a restaurant in Nantucket last year. According to Unruh, they were at the Club Car Restaurant back in July 2016 when her 18-year-old son spotted Spacey. He was reportedly “star struck” at meeting the actor.

While her son didn’t say anything at the time, Spacey had bought him several drinks, before sticking his hand into the now drunk teen’s pants, grabbing his genitals.

Unruh said her son was too scared and embarrassed to report the incident at the time, but after several other people have gone public with similar claims against Spacey and others in the movie and TV world, the family decided it was time to also go public.