Jimmy Kimmel's son, Billy, has heart problems, and it had led to a few complications. The comedian had to take a break from hosting his show, "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in order to attend to his son's second surgery. Previously, Kimmel made an passionate speech about healthcare because of Billy. Several guests have now hosted the show, and now, the latest one to take over for Jimmy is none other than channing tatum, who recently cut ties with the Weinstein Company after Harvey Weinstein's sexual abuse scandal surfaced. In other words, he "released the Tatum."

Start things off with a dance

Tatum, who is known for his dance moves from films like "Step Up," started with a little skit featuring Ellen DeGeneres, who will also be his guest later in the show.

The comedian told the "reluctant" Tatum that he should dance. After some convincing, the actor finally agreed and showed the moves that he is best known for.

But after his dance number, Tatum tried to run away from hosting, until of course, Kimmel's sidekick, Guillermo, caught him. And with the crowd cheering him on, Tatum started his monologue as the guest host. He said a few jokes, and even did a bit with Guillermo, asking him if he's more excited to see him (Tatum) as host, or Jennifer Lawrence, tomorrow's host. Guillermo told him that he's more excited to see Tatum. But when the guest host asked him if he's gonna answer the same thing if Lawrence asks him the same question, Guillermo says no.

He then got the Kimmel sidekick his own "Guillermo."

After a few jokes about Halloween, Tatum then played a video featuring Kimmel and his daughter. As expected, Kimmel told his daughter he ate all her Halloween candy. However, his daughter didn't look like she was concerned. He then asked viewers to send in their videos of them telling their kids that their Halloween candy was just eaten.

Channing Tatum asks kids for advice

And speaking of kids, Tatum also played a segment featuring a few of them. Because of their honesty, he asked a few kids to give him some advice on how to become a late night talk show host. When he asked the two little girls for their advice, they immediately recognized the guy he's filling in for, Jimmy Kimmel.

After playing with them for a bit, the girls told Tatum that they really think Kimmel is funny. He then asked the girls if they know a few jokes, and they obliged him

The guest host then did Kimmel's own bit and told his own daughter that he also ate their Halloween candy. And as expected, his daughter really didn't take it that well and cried to her mom. The bit received a few laughs from the audience as well. Tatum would then go on to interview the show's guest, Ellen DeGeneres, who appeared earlier in the show.