Stephanie Pratt has no love lost for Jonny Mitchell. The reality star took to Twitter this week to go on a rant about her ex-boyfriend and his alleged infidelities, which she said came to light through a private message. Pratt shared tweets claiming that Mitchell was leading a "secret double life" and had slept with at least two women while they were still together.

In the rant, which continued into the evening hours on Thursday, Stephanie Pratt shared the messages claiming that Jonny Mitchell had slept with two women while doing a club promotion.

She also mentioned that she had called the police on Jonny, but did not reveal the exact reason why. She wrote that her ex-boyfriend "went too far," leading many to believe she was accusing him of abuse.

"I didn't want to ever indulge more into my cryptic text abt calling the police- but now seeing his secret double life," Pratt wrote on Twitter. "WOW. My heart is just smashed. So much deceit & abuse. WHY. I'm not a bad person... why why why

Friends worried about Stephanie Pratt

The Twitter rant reportedly had some friend worried about Stephanie Pratt's well-being. Just a few days ago, the former star of "The Hills" had broken down on social media, posting a video that showed her in tears. The video was shocking to many fans, who sent messages of support and prompted Pratt to let them know that she was doing fine.

"Hi strangers, just need to apologize for posting a photo of myself crying, since none of you know what my life is like," she wrote. "None of you know that I'm not speaking to my family. None of you know that I ended up calling the police last night because I was terrified. So f--k all of you."

Friends of the couple told the Mirror that their breakup was sudden and shocking, going from a loving couple to a bitter breakup seemingly in the blink of an eye.

The source said that Stephanie Pratt will likely be returning to Los Angeles after her split.

Stephanie Pratt's rotten week

The breakup wasn't the only thing bringing Stephanie Pratt down this week. As she revealed to fans during her rant on Twitter, the reality star's beloved dog, Keke, was just "days away from dying." She had previously shared with fans that the tiny, 14-year-old canine had undergone open heart surgery to have a pacemaker inserted, which Pratt said gave the dog a second chance at life. But apparently the surgery was not entirely successful, as the dog is on its deathbed just a few weeks later.