Stefan Karl Stefansson has some Good News for fans regarding his cancer diagnosis.

The actor famous for playing Robbie Rotten on the children's show "LazyTown" has been in a battle with terminal cancer, but had a positive update to share with fans on Thursday. In a message on Twitter, Stefan Karl Stefansson let his fans know that there had been no new growth of his cancer.

"Just came from the doctor today with very good news," Stefansson wrote. "All tests were clean, so nothing new happening and the cancer is not doing anything new. What a relief!

So no more anxiety or distress this year, just pure happiness. #lifeisnow Thank you all for your support."

The actor had already undergone a rigorous course of treatment for his cancer that included chemotherapy and surgery to remove a tumor. He said that the treatment has been a success so far.

'LazyTown' actor's cancer battle

The 42-year-old Icelandic actor shared with fans last year that he had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer affecting the bile duct, and in June his wife wrote an update saying the actor likely had little time left. The announcement came after Stefansson saw a resurgence in popularity, as his Robbie Rotten character had been turned into a popular meme on the image-sharing site Reddit last year.

Many fans reached out to Stefan Karl Stefansson to offer their support, and one even started a petition on calling on his hometown in Iceland to erect a statue of the actor.

There was some confusion earlier this summer regarding the "LazyTown" actor's cancer status. In an interview with a news outlet in Iceland, Stefansson noted that his cancer had stopped metastasizing, but the comment was mistranslated and led many fans to believe that he had beaten his cancer. The actor then took to social media, updating fans that he was still very much in jeopardy, but that at the current time his cancer had stopped growing.

Robbie Rotten actor thanks his fans

Throughout his battle with cancer, Stefan Karl Stefansson has maintained a close connection to his many supportive fans. He frequently interacts with them through his Twitter and Facebook pages, often responding personally to those leaving him words of encouragement or sharing their own stories of battling cancer. He has also embraced the viral fame that came with his Robbie Rotten character becoming a popular meme, even performing the song "We Are Number One" in a live video for fans.