Shannon Beador has shocked fans over how her separation from husband, David Beador, really happened. "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star announced almost a month ago that they were separating after 17 years of marriage. Season 12 of the reality show has chronicled the trials they've faced since the ending of Season 11.

"RHOC" Season 12 was rough for Shannon Beador, who gained 40 pounds after eating and drinking more due to stress. Her self-esteem took a hit and she was suffering from David Beador's inattentiveness. All season it was evident that the couple were growing apart and it was revealed that they hadn't even been intimate in months.

Who actually wanted the divorce?

The Beadors are living apart and in the midst of a divorce. In the "RHOC" reunion, Shannon Beador admitted it was her husband that asked for the divorce. She said on the reunion that he'd been living in a separate area of the house for months.They were on a family vacation in Hawaii that Shannon had hoped would bring them together, but David left early. When she returned home, he said he wanted a divorce.

Shannon Beador keeps in touch with her estranged husband daily for the benefit of their daughters. They have Sunday night dinners and still go to USC football games. She says it's hard, but it's about putting their kids first.

Hearing that David Beador was the one who wanted to split with Shannon comes a shock considering the announcement came from her and she was the one viewed as the victim in the marriage.

The Beadors stay in touch daily

Radar Online reported a few weeks ago that the Beadors are trying to make their divorce as amicable as possible. A source said that David has been working the details of the divorce to make sure it won't get messy. It sounds like Shannon Beador will get what she's requesting in terms of child support and spousal support -- and more.

This may be especially true since the divorce was David's idea.

In Season 11 of the show, David Beador arranged to have a vow renewal ceremony and the two had a second honeymoon that was shared with fans on the show. Later in the season rumors came out by Vicki Gunvalson that David had beat his wife and it was the beginning of the end.

Shannon Beador also admitted on part one of the reunion that the first time she hears about David being with another woman will cut her deep because she already knows what that feels like. He had an affair on her three years ago and that storyline was followed in Season 10 of "RHOC."

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" Season 12 reunion, part two, will air on Monday, November 27 at 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT on Bravo.