Rose's PBS, CBS, Bloomberg firings

Charlie Rose is no more. The former anchor of "CBS This Morning" has been let go by the network after eight women accused Rose of sexual harassment against them. The harassment claims include unwanted touching, lewd phone calls from Rose, and him passing naked in front of claimants.

Co-Anchors in shock over Rose allegations

The former anchor has also been suspended from PBS, the company which once distributed the TV show bearing his name, "Charlie Rose." Norah O'Donnell and Gayle King, who once worked with Charlie on the set of "CBS This Morning," seemed to be in shock by his behavior and said these allegations are not becoming of Rose.

Norah O'Donnell on Charlie Rose

O'Donnell spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about the Rose allegations, highlighting that there was " excuse for this kind of behavior" and expressing the need for the accusations to be investigated. Sexual harassment and assault have apparently been problems in show business for some time, though it is only recently that these issues are coming to light. In the wake of harassment charges against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, many people (primarily women) are speaking about their own experiences, using the hashtag #metoo.

Rose Apologized, Sort Of

Rose has expressed remorse for the claims made against him, telling the Washington Post that he "...felt [he] was pursuing shared feelings" and "...has a profound new respect for women and their lives." Some are saying the apologies from Charlie Rose and others like him are not enough, however, especially because many of the accused focused on themselves during the apology (rather than their victims).

Senator Al Franken (D, Minnesota), also offered a similar self-centered apology wherein he called for a full investigation into claims he groped a sleeping woman's breast at a USO event.

a Charlie Rose accuser speaks out

One of Rose's eight accusers, Kyle Godfrey-Ryan, stated that she wished to tell her story because keeping quiet would be as bad as being complicit in the alleged misconduct, according to Business Insider.

In a lengthy Facebook post on Monday, Ryan stated her opinion that the systems society has in place encourage and lead to abusive environments. She also stated that some women reported being attacked violently and repeatedly during and after her time on Rose's show.

Gayle King's thoughts on accusations

Gayle King, Rose's former co-worker on "CBS This Morning", spoke out about the charges against Rose as well.

King was quoted by Hollywood Reporter, stating that she barely slept the night after learning of the allegations and was having difficulty reconciling the Charlie Rose she once held in high regard with the actions he's accused of. She encouraged women who have spoken out to continue doing so, and women who have refrained from speaking out of fear to expose these acts as well.