"Real Housewives of Orange County" star, Shannon Beador, reflected on a heartbreaking experience she had with David Beador when she was interviewed by Andy Cohen Monday night (Nov. 13) on "Watch What Happens Live." The announcement came a few weeks ago that the pair were splitting up and it was also a time when they realized their marriage was really over.

Signifying an end to marriage

Shannon Beador told Andy that she witnessed David Beador take off his wedding ring and a flood of emotions came through. The Beadors had been married for 17 years and have three daughters -- Sophie, 16, and twins, Stella and Adeline, 13.

"Like last week, I saw he took his wedding ring off, and that’s inevitable, but it’s just making the adjustment, and I have good days and bad days,” Shannon Beador said, adding, “No more downer tonight. It’s all good. This had to happen. And good times are ahead.”

One can only imagine how hard it was for this moment to happen. Even if a couple knows their separation most likely means divorce and the rings are coming off, it's still a painful thing to have happen. It signals the reality of the situation no matter how ready some might be for the split.

Incompatibility spoken loud and clear

On Monday's finale episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," the Beadors were having an awkward moment in the limo ride to Meghan King Edmonds' official launch of their candle business.

Shannon Beador was rambling on to David Beador about her unsuccessful friendships among the cast and he summed it up by saying she's "certainly direct." He otherwise appeared indifferent to her complaints.

As it stands now, David Beador is living in his own condo and remains active in his daughters' lives -- dropping them off at school and attends sporting events with them.

Shannon Beador is busy finding another place to call home with her daughters. The rental home they were shown living in while season 12 was filming was actually sold in July, according to Radar Online. Many wonder if this means the Beadors split earlier than when it was announced.

Still partners for the kids

Shannon Beador has been posting photos of her daughters on social media and last weekend posted an image of her with Sophie attending a USC football game with David Beador.

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" star wrote in the message that it was a "family outing" and was "about my kids." A Radar Online report noted that David Beador showed up and left the game separate from his estranged wife and daughter, however. So, the couple wasn't really "together," a source said.