Lydia Mclaughlin decided that she didn't want any more children after having her third son, Roman. On "The Real Housewives of Orange County," Lydia told viewers that she simply didn't see her family having four children and that it would prevent her from working as much as she does. She explained that she had absolutely no interest in continuing with trying to have a baby, even though her Husband really wanted a girl.

The couple now has three sons and sounds like they may have a fourth son if they continue to try. As Lydia explained on the show, she's happy with her three sons and she feels that four children would be too much for them.

Pushed husband to prevent pregnancy

To prevent them getting pregnant with another baby, Lydia decided to make a doctor's appointment for her husband to get a vasectomy. He didn't take initiative himself and she felt that he needed to start thinking about how they were going to have sex without getting pregnant. Rather than getting her tubes tied, Lydia took action and decided to make a consultation appointment for her husband. On the show, it seemed like she was very pushy with the procedure. He didn't sound too excited about it.

In her Bravo blog, Lydia explains that she felt he took it well considering what she was asking him to do. Doug still wants a Baby Girl, and it is not certain whether he actually went through with the procedure.

It is possible that he didn't go through with the vasectomy and that they could still have children. If Lydia does go through with another pregnancy, one could hope that they do have that baby girl that Doug so desperately wants. One could argue that they do have money to go through with IVF to ensure that they get the baby girl that they want.

But then there's also a chance that they could end up with twins.

"I had called and made Doug his consultation for his vasectomy because I knew he never would. I don't want to force him to have the procedure," Lydia explains in her blog, adding, "The idea of having a fourth child seems less and less ideal for our family. I knew he wouldn't make that first step so I took it upon myself.

He handled it well," Lydia McLaughlin revealed.

Perhaps too pushy

In her Bravo blog, Lydia explains that she felt that her husband took the news of the doctor's appointment quite well. Perhaps she felt that it needed to happen sooner rather than later, as she explained previously that the two didn't have sex until marriage and that they do enjoy it quite a lot. Maybe she is truly terrified of getting pregnant again, as a fourth child could get in the way of her career path.

Do you think Lydia McLaughlin was a bit pushy with her husband to get a vasectomy? Do you think she needs to reconsider how she handles the situation going forward?