After NeNe Leakes announced her return to "Real Housewives of Atlanta" and Phaedra Parks was fired from the show, fans anticipated the season ten premiere of the franchise. Finally, on Sunday, the ladies of the cast came back to our television screens and are already throwing shade and giving each other a good read in their confessionals. The season ten premiere was filled with many shady and eyebrow-raising moments. Here are the top moments:

I need to see a marriage license!

The premiere episode started off with NeNe visiting Cynthia Bailey at her home to sip wine and have some girl talk.

It did not take long for Kenya Moore name to be brought up as a topic of conversation. NeNe wasted no time to throw shade at Kenya for eloping, questioning if the marriage is real or an elaborate publicity scheme. Kenya then shows up at Cynthia’s house but NeNe did not hold back on wanting answers. Although Kenya gave an explanation of why she kept her marriage a secret, NeNe was not having it. She asked to see Kenya’s marriage license and would not let it go almost the entire episode. Luckily, by the end of the premiere, Kenya revealed minor details about her new husband, satisfying some parts of NeNe’s request. Kenya may be off the hook now, but NeNe will probably bring up the marriage again later on in the season.

No new friends

Halfway through the episode, audiences are taken to the home of Porsha Williams. In her confessional, she states that since the disastrous and revealing season nine reunion aired, she has not spoken to Phaedra. However, Porsha tells her sister, Lauren, that Phaedra reached out and wished her a happy birthday. While Lauren sees the intention behind Phaedra showing Porsha love, it does not sit well with her.

Lauren urges Porsha to focus on herself, not worry about what happened in the past, and learn from the situation. She says, “Let’s have a toast. Cheers to family. No New Friends.” If it is one thing Porsha needs after all that was revealed at the reunion, it is her family. Her sister, Lauren, seems to be the person to help guide Porsha on the right path.

Fifty shades of Cynthia

Because Cynthia’s birthday was during the filming of the season nine reunion special, Ms. Bailey decided to throw herself a birthday party a few months later in honor of turning 50 years old. Guests were asked to come dressed up as versions of Cynthia over the years. Kandi Burruss stole the show with her impression of Cynthia’s famous photograph where she has Coke cans in her hair as rollers. During the party, Porsha and NeNe attempt to reconcile their unspoken feud. After a few jabs at each other, nothing is resolved. Instead, their conversation only deepens their feud. It is unfortunate to see their relationship diminish the way it has. Hopefully, as the season progresses, NeNe and Porsha can repair their friendship.

Season 10 of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" is bound to be filled with drama and lots of shade from the ladies. With most of the original cast back and looking better than ever, this might just be the best season yet. Viewers are in for a treat from the shady ladies of Atlanta.

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