On Tuesday's episode of "General Hospital," Billy Miller's character was feeling the frustration of being abandoned by those who believe he is not Jason but Andrew. Sam and Monica are staying neutral, but Sonny, Carly, and Diane believe they know without a doubt that Steven Burton is their friend and associate Stone Cold. The man that currently is holding the title is becoming aggressive and displaying bully like behavior as he attempts to hold on to all he believes is his. He understands that the face of his twin is stirring up old feelings in Port Charles residents, but he is adamant that he alone is Jason Morgan.

Steve Burton may be a red herring this early in the saga

Naturally, Steve Burton's character would appeal to Jason fans because he originated the role. It would be easier on the eyes to accept Billy Miller as Andrew because the two men's personalities are so vastly different. For months now, Carly, Sam, and Sonny have been pointing out that "Jason" is not loyal or dependable as before. This is most noticeable in the way the twins handle situations. Patient 6 is calm and methodical, always thinking things through before he reacts.

On Wednesday, he warned Carly was frantic to prove that the man with Jason's original face is the one and only Stone Cold. She told him that she knew he would not fight for his family and would allow Sam to choose, while "Andrew" would fight with all he has to keep the life he is living.

Burton's character advised Mrs. Corinthos to not waste hr energy. Meanwhile, Miller's Jason is always angry and on edge seeming ready to fight. This may or may not prove the identity of the twins and could simply be a red herring as there are 8 months to go in this saga.

Carly and Diane stand firm in their faith in Jason

Billy Miller's character met with Diane only to find out she was resigning as his lawyer.

She told him flat out that she no longer believes that he is Jason Morgan. Steve Burton met with Monica who said she was elated that Alan had two sons and says she loves them both no matter what. Meanwhile, Carly went on one of her rampages apologizing to Sam and insisting they both know deep in their hearts that Patient six is the man they love while the individual they once knew as Jake Doe is really Andrew.

Carly tells her friend to look deep into her heart and go with what she felt when she looked into the eyes of both men. Sam does not respond but it is clear that she is reflecting because earlier she had two flashbacks from her early days when Steve Burton had the role. Carly also shares how she believes each man will pursue the situation and asks Sam to take that into consideration. Later Diane talks to the man she is backing and compliments him for being the rare client who listens to his lawyer. Should Billy Miller later turn out to be the man he says he is this will disrupt everything, but for now all eyes are on the original man who became Stone Cold.