Phaedra parks could very well be making her comeback to reality television, but it won’t be anything similar to what she’s done in the past.

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member, who was infamously fired for spreading salacious rumors about Kandi Burruss sex life, is said to be in talks to produce and star in a reality court show.

It’s unclear what the premise will entail but, according to Radar Online, Phaedra Parks had initially pitched the idea to Bravo back in 2013.

Phaedra wants to become a producer

Sources tell the outlet that while there seemed to have been an interest in the format, Bravo passed on it because of Apollo Nida’s court drama at the time which the network felt would have been a bad business move on their end.

And now that Phaedra Parks is no longer affiliated with Bravo, she’s planning to take the format elsewhere, with plans to talk with other TV networks in having it make its debut sometime in 2018.

It’s evidently clear that Phaedra plans on making a return to Reality TV, but now she’s said to be focusing on also holding the credit of being a producer, and this show she has is her way of making her mark, rivaling the likes of Ryan Seacrest and Andy Cohen.

It’s unclear how many networks have shown interest in the idea, particularly after all the negative headlines Parks made over the summer regarding her feud with Burruss.

Networks have proven themselves to stay away from people who have attracted a negative reputation, and Phaedra Parks is no exception.

The cause of her 'RHOA' exit

Following claims that Kandi had a sex dungeon in her home where she allegedly bedded Porsha Williams, fans of Real Housewives were so outraged that thousands of fans petitioned for the attorney to be fired from the franchise.

The real reason behind her firing, however, was that the accusations weren’t true, and instead of admitting to her wrongdoing, Phaedra Parks allegedly pushed the blame on other producers, resulting in the final decision of having her removed entirely.

It begs the question of whether or not those who have stuck by Phaedra Parks will be interested in seeing her court-driven reality show if it makes it on a network next year.

Phaedra Parks hasn't landed herself an actual deal yet, but there's a great chance she will be heading back to reality TV by 2018.

It's even being said that if things with the current Housewives cast does not work out, Parks could potentially reprise her position on the show as a friend to the show.