Those familiar with the OUAT story will recognize Henry Mills (Jared Gilmore) as the eager and adventurous son of Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) who brings Emma to his town, Storybrooke, where fairy tale characters have been placed under a curse, forgetting their true identities. In his role as the author and truest believer, TIME and time again he frees his loved ones from various curses and sticky situations.

Some actors not returning for 'OUAT' Season 7

But the new season follows Henry as an adult, at first seeming to follow a similar path to his birth mother.

A daughter he claims he doesn’t have, shows up on his doorstep begging him to save Hyperion Heights from an evil witch and her curse in order to save his family.

With the appearance of Henry’s adoptive mother Regina (season veteran Lana Parrilla), now bartender Roni, one would assume he has to save his Storybrooke family (again) but as the episodes unfold, we learn he has to save his new family: his wife and daughter. Under this curse, the tales of Storybrooke were made up by Henry for a best-selling book and his wife and daughter perished in a fire.

Henry ventured into another realm to find his own adventure

Henry's adoptive mother, Regina, comes to his rescue when he’s being pursued by the evil witch, along with Captain Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) and Emma.

But this realm is a parallel universe, complete with a second Captain Hook and while the Storybrooke Captain Hook returns with Emma to Storybrooke (and thus fulfilling Jennifer Morrison’s agreement to appear in one episode), the second Captain Hook decides to help Henry on his quest to find Cinderella and fight the evil witch along with Regina.

Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) also returns to this realm, on his own quest to rid himself of his Dark One dagger, once and for all. As a rough detective with questionable loyalties, is Rumple finally fulfilling his lost destiny to be a hero? Or is he still in the business of making deals? Last week's episode hints that he might be waking up after Alice (of Wonderland) gives him a little push.

A month into the OUAT reboot, we've learned this is not a cursed Storybrooke at all but a whole new set of characters from another realm and another curse. Henry has moved from being the author and truest believer to being the hero. Will he ever remember his old life or his true family? Is this just Storybrooke 2.0 or will there be new plot lines to follow?