It all started when Anthony Rapp reported that he was harassed by the Oscar-winning actor in 1986 according to Buzzfeed. At the time, Rapp was 14 years old and Kevin Spacey was 26. According to the "Star Trek: Discovery" actor, Spacey tried to lay upon him when they were alone at Kevin’s apartment after a party.

Kevin apologized but alleged not remember anything. In the same day, he came out as homosexual, a fact that annoyed LGBT community.

Harshly criticized by LGBT community

Many people have accused him of using his sexuality as a smokescreen to draw away from attention from allegations of sexual harassment.

For Josh Rivers, British magazine Gay Times editor, Kevin Spacey made a wrong choice affirming his sexuality at that moment. According to him, this attitude reinforces the stereotype that homosexuality and pedophilia are connected.

Linda Riley, co-founder of the British LGBT Award, said she was disappointed with actor's decision. For her, using the fact of being gay as subterfuge seemed very manipulative. Just like Riley and Rivers, celebrities and anonymous people throughout the world have expressed their opinions via social media.

Netflix punishments

In the midst of controversy, Netflix announced that will not work on any project with the artist, in other words, he has been dismissed. Because of this, the future of house of cards series is uncertain.

As if that was not enough, the biopic about the novelist, playwright, and political activist Gore Vidal has been also canceled.

The story still unfolds

New allegations of Sexual Harassment against the star continue to emerge. Justin Dawes claims that in "1988" the veteran would have invited him and another friend to watch a movie.

When they arrived at the place, the actor offered them alcoholic drinks and showed pornographic films to the boys.

As in the case of producer Harvey Weinstein, other people have been making their own statements to BuzzFeed about Spacey’s sexual assaults. As it seems, this scandal has legs.

Started at the theater

Kevin Spacey began his career in "1987" on Broadway in the play "Long Night Journey In".

The recognition in the cinema happened only in the year of "1995" its first film "the suspects" that yielded him an Oscar of better supporting actor. After that, his career gained prestige in Hollywood. In "2000", he won his second Oscar as a star in the movie "American Beauty", in addition to the Oscar, the actor still has a Golden Globe and was nominated 11 times for his role in "House of Cards" as "Frank Underwood."