Many will know the Duggar name as the super-sized family who rose to fame on TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting” before the show was canceled when it was revealed the oldest son had abused some of his younger sisters as a teen. In the aftermath of that scandal, the oldest Duggar girls started their own show called “Counting On” as they went through courtships, a strict form of dating, and then marriage and children. At this stage in the show, four of the five oldest daughters are married with most of them falling pregnant within the first month of marriage.

Modest dress and lifestyle are signatures of the Duggar family

Originally, the family was known not only for their large number of children but also their modest lifestyle. Women dress in long skirts or dresses to maintain modesty and were never seen in pants or tight clothing. Instead of dating, the children partake in courting, a more formal way of dating which requires chaperones and no kissing or front-hugs (side hugs only) until marriage. The Duggars also do not believe in birth control (hence the 19 kids) so couples often welcome their first child within a year of getting married.

Recently, the family ‘scandals’ have been more fan fiction about the oldest daughters

Jana, the oldest of the Duggar daughters, at 28 has caused people to wonder why she isn’t married yet.

Often helping with younger siblings and their children, Jana is getting a reputation for not courting. Recent rumors even speculate that she’s lost weight in order to attract a suitor which seems ridiculous given the Duggar tradition of down-playing their bodies around men. Give the girl some credit for not marrying the first guy that comes along and perhaps starting her own business solo.

The first of the daughters to get married, Jill and her husband Derrick have spent a fair amount of time as missionaries in Central America. Speculation arose that something is wrong with Jill’s health given her lack of social media presence since welcoming her second child. On top of that, Jill apparently no longer follows her sister Jinger on social media which has caused some to believe they are fighting!

The theory is that Jinger’s husband, Jeremy, has spoken out against missionaries who are not working directly with a church which means Jill and Derrick by extension.

Jessa has also had two boys with her husband Ben within the first two years of marriage. She maintains her family traditions of covering up and has planned talks around modesty. Given her sister Jinger’s ‘rebel ways’, fans wonder if Jessa and Jinger have had a falling out over Jinger’s choice of fashion. The girls are close in age and historically have been very close but after getting married herself, Jinger moved to Texas, away from the family base in Arkansas. Maybe it’s her clothes but maybe it’s just distance that has made it more difficult for the girls to stay in touch.

Jessa is also chasing two small children while Jinger is focused on life with her husband and learning Spanish.

Labeled the ‘rebel child’, Jinger Duggar Vuolo is the only one to not have children immediately after getting married. This, of course, has fueled speculation that she and her husband are using birth control which is against Duggar teachings. Jinger is also more open in the fashion department, having been pictured recently in pants and even shorts! Fans speculate this has caused a rift with her family and their traditional practices although fans also point out that Jinger has been photographed with her family in pants so no banishment as far as Instagram can tell.

The most recent daughter to get married, Joy-Anna, is already expecting the couple’s first child.

She and her husband, Austin, announced she was three months along (exactly three months post-wedding) but based on photographs of her, some believe she looks further along. The couple also moved their wedding date forward five months, leading some to believe she was pregnant before the wedding. Huge drama! But similar speculation arose when Jill announced she was pregnant shortly after her wedding, which fizzled out.

Even in an average-size family, a mix of personalities and opinions is bound to bring up disagreements. In a family the size of the Duggar’s, is it any wonder there are sisterly struggles? The Duggars have always put on a close and united front but they aren’t perfect as I’m sure they have their share of disagreements.

But that’s what makes them charming and great entertainment. None of these rumors or fan theories have been backed up. They are simply inferences from social media accounts which the family hold. What do you think, are the sister growing apart? Or is there no story here and fans are gunning for the next big shocker?