On "The Young and the Restless" Jordan and Chelsea have acknowledged they knew each other during her grifter days. No details about their collaborations have come to light but Hilary has made it her mission to find out what her former lover and his friend are hiding. On Tuesday she ransacked Mr. Wilde's room and found he had two fake ID's. On Wednesday she told her viewing audience what she found and even gave the names on the photo identification. Ms. Curtis/Hamilton even asked her audience if Jordan Wilde was his real name or another alias. Now that this information has come to light, it will not be long before Chelsea's dark past is also revealed.

Hilary wants to get even with Jordan

Once Hilary realized that Jordan only tried to reconnect with her because Lily refused his advances, she was determined to get even. She got Phyllis to distract her former lover so she could search his room. Ms. Curtis/Hamilton found the video footage of her without any clothes on, and also two drivers' licenses with different names. Now she has exposed Mr. Wilde to the world, and those who knew him by the other names will probably begin reaching out.

Eventually, whatever cons were pulled off by Chelsea and Jordan are going to be brought to light, and change a lot of lives. Hilary does not care about collateral damage from her schemes because all she wants is the satisfaction of believing she has the upper hand.

Earlier in the week, Jordan told his ex that she was nothing more than hairspray and nail tips, and added that she would never be as big as her idol, Julie Chen. These words cut deep and now Hurricane Hilary is on the warpath. She will make her ex pay, and pay dearly for crossing her.

Time is running out for Jordan and Chelsea

Hilary said she was posting the three fake ID's on her website and asked her viewers to tell her whatever they know about Jordan and the three aliases. Time is running out for Chelsea and her friend as it is only a matter of time before people start communicating and Mr. Wilde's past comes back to bite him.

Whatever secrets they share will be made public and their lives will be changed forever.

When the truth comes to light Jordan will probably pack his bags and get out of Genoa City, unless he is arrested for some past crime. Chelsea is part of the Newman family, so she has ties that bind and cannot simply walk away. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM on CBS.