After three years, JinE has chosen to leave K-pop girl group Oh My Girl and the agency representing her, WM Entertainment. She, along with her former agency opened up about the reason why both of them decided to part ways.

On October 31, both Shin Hye Jin, who is better known as JinE in popular K-pop girl group Oh My Girl, and WM Entertainment made it known why they both parted ways. It started when JinE wrote a handwritten letter to K-pop fans, especially those who are part of Oh My Girl's fan club "Miracles," about leaving on the girl group's official website.

Apparently, she had plenty of time to think during her hiatus and she believes it is time to "pursue a dream more fitting for her age."

Official statement

WM Entertainment followed up on JinE's handwritten letter with an official statement. They have decided to respect JinE's decision to move forward and "pursue a dream more fitting for her age" after taking into account she's been on hiatus for over a year since being diagnosed with anorexia nervosa.

Both K-pop fans and Hallyu or Korean Wave media believe JinE's eating disorder is the primary reason for her departure. Reportedly, she's been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. However, many K-pop fans feel JinE's eating disorder goes back to when Oh My Girl debuted.

Many of them cite the drastic change in JinE's weight from Oh My Girl's debut music video "Cupid" to their second music video "Closer."

JinE is one of many K-pop idols who have an eating disorder

JinE's eating disorder was brought to the forefront of Hallyu and Korean Wave media back when it was initially reported in 2016. In turn, it re-opened discussion about how K-pop idols often strive to achieve impossible beauty standards in hopes of becoming popular.

IU, Soyou of Miss A, Yoona of Girls' Generation, and Wendy of Red Velvet are just some of many K-pop idols who've starved themselves to achieve the "perfect K-Pop Idol look."

Unfortunately, K-pop idols are not the only ones trying to achieve the "perfect K-pop idol look." Because of K-pop's exponentially increasing popularity on an international scale, many fans want to look like their favorite K-pop idols.

Ergo, they will copy the same diets K-pop idols are on such as the ulzzang diet, a diet in which meat is mostly avoided because consuming too much of it turns skin darker.

Ultimately, JinE choosing to leave the K-pop industry was a hard but wise choice. One's health should always be of the utmost importance. Even WM Entertainment realized that fact. As for Oh My Girl, they will continue onward as a seven-member girl group from now on.