Soaps She Knows spoilers indicate the coming week will be filled with intrigue as Jason and Patient 6 seek answers for their identity crisis. Each man will take a different path to find answers and ask for help from a trusted friend. Both Sonny and Curtis will be drawn into the mystery that will eventually reveal which man is the one and only Stone Cold/Jason Morgan. They will all soon find that all roads in Port Charles will lead in a direction where none of them desires to go. They will have to deal with the one resident in town that none of them like and do not trust — Franco, the man who, for now, has the most information.

Franco holds the key to the mystery

Thanks in part to his mother, as well as Andre, Franco knows what other Port Charles residents do not. Jason had a twin named Andrew, who was raised for a while by Betsy Frank. Andre and Dr. Klein have a client who paid the to implant Jason's memories into the brother. This is why both Jason and Patient 6 each believe the other man is an imposter. Franco, however, does not want the truth revealed because Betsy convinced him he pushed Andrew down a flight of steps when they were children.

There is also the fact that both men in question hate Franco and will probably not believe him. He does not desire to deal with these two volatile individuals who would rather beat him senseless than work with him to solve the mystery.

The information that he is withholding is the key which could solve the mystery much quicker but viewers already know this saga will continue until the summer of 2018.

Curtis and Sonny have declared their loyalty

On Friday Curtis declared his loyalty to Billy Miller's Jason, who asked the PI to uncover information about what is going on.

Spoilers indicate that Patient 6 will enlist the help of Sonny who believes wholeheartedly that the man who was held captive in Russia is his good friend and enforcer. Sonny has mentioned several times that "Jason" had not been acting like himself and now he believes he knows why.

Curtis never met the Jason who had the same face as Patient 6 so naturally, he will be in the corner of the man he worked with to defuse a bomb at "General Hospital." Now that everyone is squaring off and taking sides, things are heating up fast in Port Charles.

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