There is no doubt that Dave Chappelle is one of the best comedians of all-time, despite being missing in action for nearly a decade. The comedian didn't miss a single beat and managed to deliver two outstanding specials in his return to television. Netflix’s decision to sign a long term contract with Dave Chappelle was thoroughly justified as fans of comedy saw the king make a dramatic return to his rightful place.

Double Feature

It isn't easy for a comedian to make a return to stage after an absence of nearly 10 years but Dave Chappelle is no ordinary comedian.

After making a shocking exit from the “Dave Chappelle Show,” he has been rarely seen in the recent past except for a few random television appearances here and there.

Fortunately for fans, Dave Chappelle had plenty to say about the many events that unfolded during his absence from mainstream media. Chappelle boldly took on many topics that are quite controversial, including dissecting the future for transvestites, discussing his four encounters with “The Juice,” O.J. Simpson, and his deep disappointment regarding the Bill Cosby controversies.

He also didn't shy away from making fun of himself and his short-comings, and he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying being so openly honest with his audience.

The two specials are titled “The Age of Spin” and “Deep In The Heart of Texas." Both specials are equally outstanding, but if I had to suggest you start with one, it would have to be the former.

The vulnerable side

There were also some tender moments in the show with some touching revelations about Dave Chappelle's personal life and the chaotic events that unfolded in the recent past.

He opened up about his married life, the state of his career, his personal connection to Bill Cosby, and the subsequent devastation he experienced due to the controversy. It almost felt as if Chappelle missed being on stage for such a long period of time and was bursting to share his brilliant point of view regarding the major events of the past decade.

Netflix has guaranteed us that there are more Dave Chappelle specials planned in the future, along with at least one comedy special being released every week all the way to the end of 2017.