There's stiff competition for TLC's "most hated" reality television star. One candidate, Steven Assanti of "My 600-lb Life" is working that negative energy to his advantage. The once-850-lb man bills himself as a Reality TV celebrity on Facebook, despite failing Dr. Now's bariatric surgery program. Assanti updated on his obesity, drug use, weight loss, and shocking cult following recently.

Gastric bypass dropout drops clean

The former "My 600-lb Life" star claims to have kicked his opiate drug habit but reality television show followers are skeptical.

Viewers watched Steven John Assanti bully his way through drug rehab, two gastric bypass surgery facilities, and countless emergency rooms. The morbidly obese man coerced doctors, nurses, his father and brother Justin Assanti into feeding his rapacious oxycodone, opioid, and pizza addiction.

Dr. Now brakes reign of terror

"My 600-lb Life" Dr. Younan Nowzaradan was the only one who said no to Steven. It's still not clear to TLC fans if Assanti completed the program. On Facebook and Twitter, he's ranted how the reality TV show screwed him over. But then he praises Dr. Now. Folks wonder if the Tramadol and hydrocodone are really under control. But one thing his outrageous behavior has achieved is a social media celebrity following.

Is negative attention better than none at all?

Steven Assanti brags 15,000 Facebook fans. Each post gets hundreds of "likes." They could be paid for by Assanti through Facebook Business but there's no denying his popularity on Twitter and "FatBoyGetDown" on Youtube if only for the schadenfreude. There's a Facebook group devoted to exposing the celebrity.

That's all good for the attention-lover. Steven wants his to get his own reality television show like other Celebrities. It's pretty much "The Steven Show" in the Assanti family already though.

Steven Assanti shares weight loss updates

Assanti hints at weight loss, shares diet recipes and tips and appears slimmer. It's hard to trust because his social media posts frequently go off the rails.

The 35-year-old deliberately disobeyed Dr. Now and was removed from another gastric bypass surgery program for failed compliance. Steven and his dad capitalized on this in the media when the morbidly obese man had to live in dad's truck. He teased an appearance on the next season of "My 600-lb Life" but it's hard to know if Steven will make it to the next step which is skin removal plastic surgery.