The trailer for the "Real Housewives of orange county" reveals some major drama. On Monday, November 20th on Bravo, see the RHOC ladies reunite to get real and personal and what lies ahead for them in season 13 and beyond.

Lydia McLaughlin gets in hot water for being too outspoken and possibly a “mean girl” despite her Christian background and we find out what drives Vicki to have a meltdown as she threatens to leave the show for good. Maybe it has something to do with a spat with her former BFF, Tamra Judge when she was spreading rumors questioning Tamra's husband's sexuality.

Which Tamra gives us an update on her estranged daughter who still lives with her ex-husband Simon Barney.

Shannon Beador holds back tears as she reveals the truth about the state of her 17-year marriage to David she says came about due to her weight gain on the show, in which she blames Vicki for but confesses she knew David had 'checked out' of the marriage a long time ago.

Part II Is A Jaw Dropper

Kelly and Meghan King Edmonds get into it over the messy text message and the accusations Kelly made about Meghan’s husband Jim having an affair with her. Meanwhile, Peggy has it out when bringing up the incident at Meghan’s party where Shannon lost it and called Peggy a liar and ‘a f***ing lunatic’ after Peggy insulted her and her husband and mentioned that Meghan was a bad mother.

Peggy does apologize to Meghan while the ladies took a trip to Iceland but we'll see if old wounds have really healed once they sit down at the reunion. All that and some unexpected twists leaves everyone in shock.

Notice Anything?

Funny enough, there are no photos of Vicki Gunvalson with the other ladies besides Kelly Dodd but maybe there’s a reason for that.

Then again you have to watch to find out. There have also been rumors that Meghan may do a 'RHOC' spinoff and that Peggy may not be on season 13 due to reports of her starting fights with other cast members on purpose just to stay relevant.

The other "RHOC" cast members are apparently begging producers to fire her. Another thing to take notice is the seating chart Peggy, Lydia, Kelly, and Vicki are all nestled together on one couch and the blonde trio, Tamra, Shannon, and Meghan take the opposite couch.

The placement alone makes you wonder what sort of drama this reunion will bring. And of course the constant finger-pointing, jab-taking, walking off the stage performance that only Bravo can provide.