Mohamed Jbali, made semi-famous from his appearance on "90 Day Fiance," has been updating his fans via social media about his big move to Texas. The Reality TV star confessed that he still may be deported back to Tunisia due to a postal error which caused them to lose all of his information when he attempted to renew his green card, but he is hoping that works itself out. In fact, the star is so optimistic he won't be going back to his native country, that he's currently driving from Florida to Texas, where he has found himself a house and a family to host him for the time being.

Updates on his love life

Mohamed has had a rather rocky love life, as evidenced by his experience with his ex, Danielle Mullins. The reality TV star came to the United States to marry Danielle, but many have suspected his motives were not entirely genuine. The TLC star soon dumped his wife and moved to Florida, where he started dating another American woman relatively quickly afterward. Danielle attempted to have their marriage annulled, but unfortunately for her, the pair had consummated their marriage one time, meaning they couldn't have the marriage stricken from the record. Danielle wanted to do so in order to deport him back to Tunisia, but a divorce meant he could stay as long as he wanted.

The reality TV star told his fans that he had been talking to a girl from Canada, but ultimately she and Mohamed decided that they weren't interested in pursuing a relationship. He didn't specify where he met the woman or why they stopped speaking, but it might also be rather difficult for him to try and make a move to Canada to be with her had they decided to try and work things out.

Mohamed talks about his Texas move

Mohamed updated his fans, from the road, as he moved all of his things to Texas from his previous Florida home. He stated he is currently homeless until he arrives at his new home, but that is just a technicality since he has already secured a new house. He let his fans know he isn't making the move to Texas for love, as he will be living with a family whom he is going to rent a room from.

The family, he stated, has children, so he will be expected to act as a stand-up role model for them. He hasn't explicitly stated why he has chosen to make the move to Texas, but some have speculated it is to deter his ex, Danielle Mullins, from garnishing his wages. His ex-wife is suing him for all of the money it cost her to bring him to the United States from Tunisia.