Jessa Duggar Seewald and her husband, Ben Seewald, celebrated their third wedding anniversary on November 1. The pair married after a relatively short courtship, confessing on the newest season of "Counting On" that they knew each other the least amount of time among the Duggar couples. The pair only spoke to one another for a few months before deciding to court, and then dated for a few months before deciding to become engaged. Typical of the Duggar Family, Jessa and Ben tied the knot after a relatively short engagement and announced that they were expecting their first baby just a few months after their big wedding.

Jessa gushes over her love

Jessa wrote on the Seewald family blog a long love letter to her other half, celebrating everything the pair have together.

"I thought we'd reached the pinnacle of our love on this day, three years ago... but since then, you've taken me from the mountain top up into the clouds! Darling, I love you more today than ever before," Jessa began her missive to her husband, Ben.

Jessa continued to discuss what a great husband Ben is and the fact that he is such a wonderful father to their two boys, Spurgeon and Henry. She also gushed over his love of learning, and the fact that he is always ordering new books for the pair to read together. She and Ben are devoted Christians, and she has made it known that the fact that Ben is often in prayer brings tears to her eyes.

"You're my motivator for lifestyle habits such as healthy eating and working out.

I definitely eat wayyy less McDonalds french fries and cheeseburgers now. Haha! They just taste so good!" Jessa continued, sharing their love of working out together and staying healthy, which was featured as an activity the pair enjoyed on "Counting On" during their courtship.

Critics slam Jessa for her post

Some critics of the Duggar family have slammed Jessa for her heartfelt love letter to her husband.

They feel that since the Duggar family prides itself on being incredibly Christian, writing a letter such as this is showing off and makes it appear that Jessa is bragging about her life with her husband. They also think that if Jessa were actually sincere in her words to her husband, she would have penned the letter to him personally, and not written it up for a blog post for all of her followers to see. The Duggar family has, however, been living life in the public eye for so long that perhaps all of this is simply normal for Jessa.