Before Meghan Markle, the commoner can marry her prince next May, there are certain changes she must make in order to become an official part of the Royal family. Meghan has stated that Season 7 of "Suits" will be her last, a decision which many believe was forced on her by the House of Windsor. There are also two other adjustments that are required in order for the American to become the wife of Prince Harry, who is fifth in line to the British throne. She will have to be baptized into the Church of England, and also become a British citizen. There is also the issue of backlash because her mother is black.

A report by the Huffington Post presented a lot of the information provided in this article.

Meghan Markle may adjust to Royal life better than Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson

Both Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson, the Dutchess of York, seemed to have trouble adjusting to the ways of Buckingham Palace. They were often in the news because they often stepped out of the box of royal protocol. Kate Middleton seems to have settled into the life of a future queen pretty well. Megan Markle has more lifestyle changes to adjust to, yet already seems willing and able to comply with proper etiquette.

Prince Harry's future wife hails from Los Angeles and was raised as Protestant. For these reasons, she must be baptized and become a member of The Church of England of which Queen Elizabeth II is the head.

It is also necessary for the former "Suits' star to officially have British citizenship. Sadly, none of this will help her escape the scrutiny of those who believe that as a biracial American actress she is not worthy to marry the prince. When the news of her heritage first broke, Prince Harry considered hiring security to protect her from the haters.

Prince Harry's fiancee will make a wonderful princess

As an actress, Meghan Markle is used to the glare of the public eye and also enduring criticism, something Princess Diana was said not to have readily embraced. She and Kate Middleton have hit it off pretty well and her future sister-in-law will probably be a great coach in the ways of the Windsor family.

Her ethnicity will not be as big of a problem as it could be, as Markle's features do not strongly emphasize her black heritage. In time she will simply be the wife of Prince Harry and surrounded by the Royal family.

With her acting career behind her, once she is baptized and becomes a British citizen, there will be many other adjustments as Meghan settles in as the wife of the youngest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. She will no doubt handle them with grace and style and become a beloved princess whose ethnicity will not matter.