It was announced on Wednesday, November 29, 2017, that Matt Lauer has been fired from NBC's "Today" show. NBC News Chairman Andy Lack sent the staff an e-mail just before the show began, telling them that NBC had fired him over a complaint from a colleague accusing him of inappropriate workplace behavior.

The complaint was so detailed that it resulted in the immediate firing of the longtime anchor. This was the first complaint against Lauer since he began working at NBC over 20 years ago. Lack added that this doesn't appear to be an isolated case against the 59-year-old former anchor.

An Entertainment Weekly piece confirmed this news and additional facts shared below.

Who will replace Lauer?

Savannah Guthrie was emotional as she related the story to viewers when they tuned in on Wednesday morning. Therefore, Matt Lauer became part of the news that he usually reports. Hoda Kotb filled in for the former co-anchor before sticking around for her own show with Kathie Lee Gifford during the fourth hour. Kotb had to be called in on the spur of the moment, so we can expect to see other guest co-anchors for a while.

Names on the list

The seat that Lauer occupied over two decades is not even cold yet, and so far there are some people who have been suggested by viewers to replace him.

Who are they?

1. Willie Geist

Geist has filled in for Lauer on many occasions. He was on the show so often over the years that he became popular with viewers.

2. Thomas Roberts

The former MSNBC host, recently announced he was leaving the cable network for other endeavors.

His name has come up as a possible replacement.

3. Ann Curry

Curry made a tearful exit from the network in 2012.

According to reports, Lauer wanted her dismissed because of their strained relationship. People still think Curry was treated unfairly and Lauer was to blame for her dismissal. Therefore, people are campaigning for her. The network might not want to open old wounds by bringing her back. Besides, Curry has moved on and might not be interested in the position after five years have passed.

4. Megyn Kelly

When it was first announced that Megyn Kelly would leave Fox News and come to NBC, there were rumors then that Lauer would be fired and Megyn would take his position.

She has her own time slot in the third hour of the "Today" show. Even so, people think that might still be a possibility.

5. Craig Melvin

Melvin is the "Today" weekend co-host who could be promoted to replace Lauer. He is already popular with weekend viewers. Therefore, it would be easy to give him a weekly assignment.

6. Keith Olbermann

Olbermann recently announced that he is giving up being a political journalist at MSNBC.

So, he would be available.

7. Tamron Hall

Hall's name came up, but she left on her own even after she was offered more money. There might still be bad feelings because her show was canceled to make room for Megyn Kelly.

8. Anderson Cooper

Cooper's name has been dropped again. His name came up after Curry left. It seems like everybody wants Cooper.

Kelly Ripa wanted him as her co-host when the position was vacant. However, Cooper is under contract and is satisfied where he is.

9. Carson Daly

Daly is already on the NBC payroll as the host of "The Voice." Some Twitter followers are campaigning for him to occupy the seat formerly occupied by Lauer. This might be unlikely because he is excellent as an interviewer and host, but the network wants someone with more news experience.

10. John Berman

Berman is currently a co-anchor on CNN and a regular with Anderson Cooper.

Even so, his name was included on the list.

So, who will replace Matt Lauer?