Recently, Sheila went to her Twitter to call out her husband Nate Duhon for cheating on her. At the time, her name was Sheila Duhon on Twitter. Well since then, she has changed her name back to her maiden name, which is Sheila Latrice. She also made a post that simply said that is what you should call her now. She has made it obvious that she is done with him and moving on.

So what does Sheila have to say now?

She went to her Twitter to call him out just a little bit more. Shelia said, "It's been going on the entire time. This woman sent me messages, dates, personal info about our marriage.

She had receipts." It does sound like Nate has been Cheating on her the entire marriage, but everyone wonders why it took so long for this woman to come forward about it all.

At first, Sheila shared that she got a phone call from a woman who said that she was the person Nate Duhon had been sleeping with and this person is the same person that he actually called on their honeymoon. She seemed pretty surprised, but at the time she said that there was no way that she would stay married to him and that cheating is a reason to get a divorce. She is moving on and even changing her name. It will be interesting to see how fast they get a divorce and how fast she starts dating again. Maybe she is done with reality television or she could end up finding love on another show in the future.

Is Nate Duhon responding?

Nate Duhon actually hasn't said a word since she accused him of cheating on her. On his Twitter, the last post was on November 4, but he hasn't updated at all since she started calling him out on cheating. Everyone would love to hear from Nate, but that just isn't happening at all right now. The couple hasn't put out any kind of statement either.

The fans really do want to hear it straight from him.

For now, everyone is just going to have to keep hearing Sheila's side of the story since Nate isn't giving his side at all. It is hard not to believe her considering that Nate isn't defending himself at all. So far, Sheila hasn't called out who the woman was that Nate was allegedly cheating on her with, but the fans are curious if this is someone from his past or not.

Are you shocked to hear that Sheila is still talking about Nate on Twitter? Do you feel like she should have kept this all quiet? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss "Married at First Sight" when the new season airs. They have already started casting for another season of the show.